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Songs move some people emotionally, while others are even given a purpose by hearing a good song.  Still others can be left humming a tune that just won’t leave their head, like being haunted by a songstress muse. Regardless, if you want to make your voice better at singing in order to better express yourself in an artistic fashion, what are some good songs to help you out with that? Well, you can start simple. Instead of singing the latest Top 40 songs around (as a side note, at least Taylor Swift made a song that wasn’t about being jilted by her boyfriend), why not sing Happy Birthday or your own national anthem? You can also sing the most popular songs, if you so wish. From Thrift Shop by Macklemore to Royals by Lorde, it’s okay to sing it bad for a few times until you get the hang of it. Consider it as voice warm up.

What are Good Songs for You to Sing?

What Are Some Good Songs for Your Voice

  • Finding the Perfect Song: If you’ve ever watched American Idol, then you probably have seen the situation wherein judges choose bad songs for the contestants to sing. Yes, it is unfair, especially for certain participants who only know to sing one kind of song. Many young singers, even Karaoke ones, have little to no experience in choosing songs, but at any rate, it takes loads of research and actual practical application to find the perfect song for you.

Maybe you’re a better rapper or song writer. Maybe you have an ear for music. Maybe you need to work on your tone and pitch to make it pitch perfect. Whatever the case, it’s not talent alone that will help you go places. It should also be about trial and error, a willingness to grin and bear it when you’re doing embarrassing things, and to sing a lot. The process shouldn’t be rushed or instantaneous.

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  • Listen to a Load of Songs: Even if you have to listen to all the different genres like rock and roll to country and folk as well as rhythm and blues, listening to a lot of songs can be the key to learning how to sing them. You can’t only and simply choose a song you like; you have to be able to sing it. No matter how much you love basketball, if you can’t play it, it’s going to remain a spectator’s sport to you.
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In regards to singing, there are songs you’re good at singing and songs you can’t sing. You should know your strengths and weaknesses when singing to be able to sing the top 20 songs right now, of the week, the month, the year, the decade, and of all time, from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey. You can’t simply lip-synch or imitate the songs either, you have to make the songs your own so that you’re using your own natural take and voice when singing it.


  • Try Mimicking Other Voices: A good voice actress or singer has the ability to mimic voices. Do something simple like mimic your family. If you’re a woman, you should practice on a lower register, which has a limit of you sounding like a nine-year-old boy usually unless your voice is naturally low. For men, you might need to tuck that Adam’s apple and practice a high pitch that doesn’t sound like Mickey Mouse.

These voice exercises are handy because you can sing a larger range of songs if your voice and pitch range is more variable. You can go from great workout songs (or cheesy ones) like Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” as well as that “Maniac” by Michael Sembello that gained notoriety in the movie “Flash Dance”.  The point here is to know your limits and strength and go with the flow of a good song. Trust your heart and let faith decide, even if you’re good at singing Disney songs by Phil Collins.

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  • Have Fun: If a song isn’t working for you, don’t sing it. Sing in the shower if you’re shy. Don’t be too discouraged to find out your limits, because there are places where skill can take you that talent can’t. Don’t make the mistake that the perfect fit of a song is available among the current crop of Top 40 hits available, especially now that there’s more emphasis in auto-tune.

These are professional singers with insane range in voice, so your voice might get overwhelmed by attempting to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Baby steps first. You should do something you can actually accomplish then earn the right and the ability to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” or at least “Princes of the Universe” with the impact and vigor that Freddie Mercury would bring to such a performance.

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