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People need energy in order to accomplish all their activity for the day, and we all know that. So where does this energy come from? Our energy comes from the food we eat every day. The nutrients of these foods are broken down and converted into energy.




Have you tried not to eat for a day or even skip a meal? It makes you weak and sick like you start to not think well and concentrate. But there is an ironic problem that makes you confused, isn’t it? It is when you eat a scrumptious meal making you really full and satisfied, yet tired and weak. How does it become possible?

There has been an alarming question that troubles a growing number of people today – “Why do I feel weak and tired all day?” or “Why do I feel so tired?” Well, in this article, we are going to discuss the whole idea of it and rather answer the questions asked. There are five main reasons why you are feeling this way and they are listed below.

The Reasons

  • Food intake and toxins

Food Intake

High percentage of people todays tends to buy processed foods because it is more convenient and not time-consuming. Maybe, one of the things that bothers you is when you are feeling tired after eating. How can this be happening when you are supposed to be a lot more active because you’ve got another food to breakdown into energy?

Frankly, much of the foods purchased in US itself, is the cause of that feeling. Feeling tired after eating is caused by the antibiotics, steroids, and other chemicals that are used in production of these foods. Your immune system is the very first thing to suffer upon the intake. The chemicals the food has can cause damage to your body thus taking away the energy you are supposed to use.

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You are advised to eat healthier foods like vegies, and fruits for all these are natural and don’t contain toxic chemicals. Being health conscious is being wise though.

  • Infection caused by parasites


Parasitic infection is evident for a person for it saps the energy he or she has. Parasites are parasite, the word itself. For you to determine which parasite causes you the condition is quite a case. See a doctor to have a check-up and know how to deal with it. This condition is quite common though. It is always better that you are aware that is going on to your body. Parasites can cause a bigger trouble if not immediately given concern. You not like it right?

  • Vitamin deficiency


There is another case to which you are not able to fully absorb or not absorb the vitamin you are supposed to get in the food you eat. This is vitamin deficiency. You start feeling weak and tired because you lack vitamins to sustain the additional required energy of your body. There are several vitamins needed by our body but one of the most common vitamins that are lacked by many people is the vitamin B. You are advised to work for it and eat more food having the said vitamin as soon as you found it out. You can also take vitamin pills to reinforce the needed vitamin of your body.

  • Ulcer


Ulcer is caused by too much skipping of meal or eating too much after you skip a meal. This can cause abnormality in your intestines that often cause stomach ache. This can result to a virus in your intestines due to irritated diet and stress. When you already feel something like this, you must immediately look for a cure and consult your doctor to avoid the worse. Proper and healthy diet is the main shield for this disease.

  • Blood disorders

Blood Disorders

Another main cause is the blood disorder. Blood transports all the nutrients and vitamins throughout your body so if you feel weak and tired, your body probably has something in trouble with your blood. The nutrients are not perhaps transported properly throughout your body so you must be very sensitive about it and go consult your doctor to know what is really happening because blood trouble is quite a serious issue.

This issue is not really good especially for the people who works 8 hours a day, or the students who stay 7 hours in school. If you are one of them and you are troubled, you can leave comments about this article. Let me know your thoughts and we can have a further discussion regarding the issue.






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