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At UpAndNet.com readers are always ready to welcome new guest writers. We want you on our team to share your experiences, views, tips and thoughts in a unique voice that is yours alone. You may write on any topic you choose, so long as it corresponds to the category you select. You do not have to commit to a certain number of articles but may write as few or as many as you wish.

What are the Benefits?

We at UpAndNet.com offer a new and growing audience to whom your writings will be exposed. You will receive full credit for your post and in addition, 1 backlink will be sent to your own site and 2 backlinks to authority sites DA50+ and PR5+. After posting with us, we will expand your reader base by using social media promotion. We encourage you to gain even more coverage for your work by doing the same within your networks.

Want to Write for UpAndNet.com?

If you think you would like to write for us and see your writings published on our blog, review our requirements. If you can agree with these conditions and feel you meet the criteria, you may register to write for us.



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When you write for us, you will start by choosing a category. You can then select a topic within that category. We only ask that the topic you choose is a good match for the category. Also, think about the audience that may be interested in your chosen topic and try to direct your writing to them.

Article criteria:

750 to 2000 words in length
Correct grammar
No misspelled words
Bullet lists
Quality writing in any writing style
Must pass Copyscape

Articles must include:

One or more videos, images or screenshots with the appropriate credits.
Please note:
If the images you submit are not your personal property, then you must have proper license to use them. They must also be royalty free. Also, If we receive a valid DMCA—Digital Millennium Copyright Act—complaint, then the images you used, and most likely your entire post, will be removed and your account will be terminated. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism.

PROOFREAD your article before submitting.

We reserve the right to have our professional editors make minor changes to your writings for the purpose of clarity or quality. We will preserve the integrity of your articles. We do this on a limited basis, and the changes we make are not to be taken personally. They are merely meant to improve the post.

We require that all articles you submit are original and have not been published anywhere else. If you have written on your selected theme or topic earlier, you may submit a variation or any article on the same topic but written from a different angle. Do not send copied articles even if you have written the original article yourself.

If you can, add a head-shot photo and a 100 word author bio. The photo must be of yourself, not a cartoon avatar, the family dog or a flower, for instance.

Although we do not have a quota as such, if you want your account to remain in good standing, submit at least two articles minimum each month.

Once your article is published on UpAndNet.com. Share the link to your post with your family, friends, followers and fans. Also, be available to respond to any comments made on your post to our readers.

Welcome to the Writing Team!

All writers who have successfully registered to write for us will receive a unique username and password. You can then create new posts through our WordPress system and continue to submit further articles.
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