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Everyone is conscious about their style and fashion, and because of social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can post photos of yourself with your own fashion statement with the hashtag #OOTD. Even men are getting more and more conscious on how they are dressed. How to dress well men depends on his height, built, activities and his interests, so it means that each one is unique.




Your looks says a lot about yourself, so you must be very careful how you dress.  Being well-dressed will help you look more competent, intelligent and classy. It also works to boost your confidence.

Physical appearance may not always matter, but it does speak about our social standing and professional achievements. When finding a job, employers will make a first impression on how you dress and carry yourself. If you do it well and you have that confidence in you, then you increase the chance of getting hired.

Now reality check, here are some guidelines how to dress properly.

  • Body Type

body type

To successfully dress yourself, you must first identify your body type of course you don’t want to look like a walking hanger or an old maid. How to know your body type? First, examine your body and focus on the shape of your torso, the length of your arms and legs, and the width of your shoulders. Using a tape measure, know the measures of your waist, arms, thighs, and your hips. You need to take note of your assets and flaws, so you know what to hide and emphasize.

  • Lifestyle


Identify your activities. Know the things that you’re really into. If you are more of a sporty, then invest in clothes that will project what you really like. If you spend most of your time in the office, then invest more on formal and corporate clothes. Knowing your lifestyle is important to get started with proper dressing up.

  • Wardrobe


After you identify your lifestyle, you can visit your wardrobe and check if the clothes you are used to wear are appropriate for you. Remember that you should buy more clothes that you wear the most. You can start to buy at least 5 pairs that would be possible for mix and match.

Accessories say a lot too, because it accentuates your sense of style. Set your budget if you want to start for a small closet first, you should have clothes appropriate for different types of occasions. Ideally, you must first settle for a small closet because it only requires a minimal budget.

  • No to Impulsive Buying


Don’t spend too much money on clothes that you will not wear at all. Most of us, especially girls, have a closet full of clothes, but we still have a dilemma on what to wear on different occasions. Remember that if you buy clothes, look for that you will certainly wear. Stop the “swipe-swipe” syndrome! Build a wardrobe that will be stuffed with clothes of your lifestyle to decrease your stress level.

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  • Comfort and Fit

comfort and fit

If you are comfortable with what you wear, you will certainly rock. You can carry the clothes properly, because you are at your best when you wear them. If you invest on clothes, consider that you will spend money, so always go for clothes that perfectly fit and those that don’t require altering.  Know what not to wear tips from fashion experts.

  • Formality

rochii Maya Fashion

Formality comes in 4 levels as per Judith Rasband. First is relaxed, these are the comfortable clothes you used to wear for gardening, watching TV and exercising. The informal, these are the casual clothes you wear when you go out with friends, walk in the park or dine in a restaurant. Third is semi-formal, these are the clothes you wear when you go to church or theatre. You may also ponder on the question of what to wear at work? The formal or corporate clothes, these are dresses that we usually wear on job interviews and client meetings.

You can engage with a group of people who can provide feedback on how you look. Your body is unique and there are a dozen of outfit that will look fantastic on you. Make use of the social media, to gather comments and opinions, post photos with different outfits and encourage them to make a comment, a good to boost your confidence and the bad ones for you to improve.

You impose your image on how you dress yourself, it boosts your confidence and lift your positive outlook in life. Fashion is an expression so you can say more about yourself if you know how to dress well. Share your thoughts on fashion and dressing up! Leave a comment!






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