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Facebook already has a 800+ million fan base. The number itself speaks volumes about what a huge opportunity it is to tap into its potential to make your business grow. A successful blog or website with a huge number of followers or audience is a great promotion tool for any business and can help the business grow in leaps and bounds. There are many numbers of ways how you can grow the popularity of your website or blog. In the present article, we will discuss how you can leverage the enormous popularity of Facebook to promote your website and make your business.

How to promote your website on Facebook

The very first thing you will need to do is to create a Facebook fan page. This is as easy as it comes. If you already have a personal Facebook profile, you can create a Facebook page of your own with the same login ID and password. Choose a precise description of your website or business to be posted on the ‘About’ section of your fan page and provide a link to your website. Next, send an invite to all your current Facebook friends and Facebook groups to visit and like your fan page.

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When these preliminaries are over, next you must focus on how to promote your website through Facebook. An easy way to get started is to share your blog updates on your fan page. This can be done automatically through a RSS feed app. One such good app that lets you share your blog RSS feed on your facebook page is the RSS Graffiti app.

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However, there is a catch here. Many promotion experts advise not to add a RSS feed to your Facebook page. This is since it may give the impression that you are using the fan page merely as a secondary handle for promotion. Facebook is a social networking platform, and you can only increase the fan base of your Facebook page when you give a distinct personality to your page. This is why sharing manually some of your blog updates is considered a better strategy when it comes to Facebook fan page. This way, you would be able to share only the updates that are most relevant and also most appropriate for a social networking platform.

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At the same time, you must also post updates that are exclusive to your facebook fan page. Apart from creating a special identity for your page, this comes with other advantages as well. Sharing multimedia contents often become an important factor in increasing the popularity of a fan page. Facebook makes it easy to share photos and videos, and your visitors are going to enjoy them, too. The added advantage of this is that you cannot always use the same multimedia contents on your website since they may not fall with the character or personality of your blog or site.

Facebook promote page: Innovation is the key

However, all of the above are basic and generic points. And you can rest assured that all your competitors will be using the same strategies, too. So, as with everything, your success will depend on how much innovation you can bring to the task. Thinking out of the box and coming up with some innovative strategy will always help you gain that extra yard in promotion.

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Let us give an example. The art-sharing website Poking Smot regularly share artworks (paintings, photographs, etc.) both on their blog and their facebook page. On their Facebook page, you can see all the artworks themselves. However, the information on the artwork is not posted on the facebook page. For that, you will need to visit the link provided on the facebook post which will take you to the page on the website which shows the same artwork, but now with the artwork information, too (such as whose painting it is, etc.). This way they make sure that a large number of their visitors who visit their facebook posts, also visit the website.

Promote my website: Things people forget

Another important thing is to use:

  1. A facebook Like button
  2. A facebook Send button

facebook Like

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On your website updates. Although this is a simple thing, many people somehow fail to do this. There will be a facebook share button, but no like button. However, if someone clicks the facebook like button from your webpage (and not your facebook page/post), the activity will show on their website under the ‘Recent Activity’ column. Similarly, a facebook Send button will make it easier for the Fb users to send/share your content with their Fb friends and groups.






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