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family gamesVideo games were first created in order to bring in entertainment. There are actually so many video games that are released since the first consoles were made by Nintendo and other companies. Some of the best games that we had were Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Tekken and many more. Some of these can be played in a multiplayer function and then through time, multiplayers can now be played over the internet.


There are so many genres of video games; many of these are RPG’s or role playing games wherein the player will assume the character that is in the game. There are games that are also available. These games can be played and enjoyed by the whole family. These games were specifically designed for young ones who are still on the verge of learning a lot of things like kids and teens. These games are all over the market; some of them can even be played for free in some websites. Here is a list of some of the best educational video games that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Nintendo Wii game system

This game was designed by Nintendo in order to measure the brain weight and the intelligence of a person as well as to train the brain to think better and make better solutions. This game is the sequel of Big Brain Academy which was designed for Nintendo DS and other earlier consoles.

This game is composed of several mini games which are designed to target a specific area of the person’s intelligence. There are identification themed questions which will identify the relative IQ of the person playing the game. This will also train the memory capability of a person. There are other mini games present in this one which will definitely be a good training for kids and teens.

History of Biology

Kids Games

This might seem advanced for some kids but this will definitely be something for them to enjoy. This is an RPG in which the player will assume the character of a research assistant of a very famous scientist. The scientist mysteriously disappears but he left clues for the assistant to solve. These clues are basically puzzles and other mind boggling games that will lead to an answer to the mystery. This can be played in both Mac OS and Windows Computers.

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This is something that kids will never enjoy, because as the name denotes, it is all about the government. This game is another RPG wherein the player will assume the role of a president of a democratic country. This means that he has to control the country and make the masses as happy as possible. There are seven different areas in which the player must focus into. These are the things that are also present in real life politics. He also has to convince the people to vote for him and propose some actions. These actions must be done without harming the other factors or else the happiness of people will go down. This game is actually popular with many colleges because it is being used as a teaching material for law, economics and politics.



Munchers is a series of games which were popular during the 80’s and 90’s. There are two main games in this series; word munchers and number munchers. As the names denote, the games focus on vocabulary and mathematics. This is more like an entertainment game than an RPG. However, this will definitely teach small children into the basics of math and language. This might seem old but this is still being used by many schools around the country.

Android and iOS Apps

Games Apps

Due to the fast movement of technology this past decade, a lot of mobile gadgets have been produced. And the best thing about these is that they can also have a lot of educational videos for kids including games and others. There are also some of the best educational apps for kids being offered by Google Play and App Store. Because of these factors, the mobile gadgets that we have today can be considered as a kid’s learning station. There are so many games in the internet that will perfectly fit the needs of the player and will work best with the mobile gadgets that we have. There are a lot of apps that will teach a child about basic grammar, math, logic and other stuff. Even high school students will be able to find educational apps in the network which will fit their needs. By doing this, they don’t have to depend on so many things because they have all the tools to teach them about the subject they need.

Can games allow kids to learn as well? Feel free to suggest games that can entertain and educate at the same time.






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