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When planning a party for any occasion it is best to have a theme. The only dilemma is that, what theme it should be. There are endless possibilities as far as Halloween party themes go, but it will majorly revolve around costume parties. From the food to the music, every aspect of the event should tie up like a pretty bow.




Halloween pumpkins

Either the theme is for an adult’s party or for kids; these themes are a possibility for all types of age groups. Improvising can also be applied if you don’t want your party to be just like the one next door. Preparation may take days but hey, if everyone will walk out the door with a smile on their face after the night—it’s worth the effort.

Themes for the Night of the Living Dead (and Others)

Here is a short list of celebration themes for the formal event or just a way of getting together with family and friends.

  • Witches and Wizards

Halloween day

From a pot of boiling potions to cookies that can turn you to other creatures, this choice is a sure fire way to enchant your guests. You put a dress code and make them wear wizard hats, cloaks, and bring along their magic brooms to park at the garage (which can also come in handy during the clean-up). Load up your music player with spooky Halloween music and watch as your guest conduct ritual dances.

  • Glow in the dark

Candlelight in the dark

Because why not turn off all the lights and turn on the black lights for that genuine night of the dark theme? Provide glow sticks, neon coloured headbands and face paint, and have a blast. Do remember to put away those precious and breakable vases and figurines out of the way.

  • Pumpkin carving

Halloween pumpkins on rocks  at night

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This season will not be complete without a pumpkin having that eerie grin. This can be a good activity for kids who are excited for the season. Gathering them together on a picnic table neat the pumpkin patch and providing them with safe carving materials. They can take home their own pumpkins and display them in their gardens.

  • Fictional Books

Fictional Books

Get your guests to dress up as their favourite fictional book character and play a game of ‘name the character’. You can even pick out the specific book you want them to dress up as, like characters from Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter. Create a Halloween music playlist that fits the story of the book.

  • Hollywood

Scared couple watching halloween movie

We can never do away with this theme, and there is a reason that we all have wanted to be celebrities. Make it fancy and place a red carpet along the doorway and porch so your friends can have a grand entrance. It’s all going to be glitz and glamour for the night. Attach a disco ball to the ceiling, open up a space for the dance floor, and play Halloween movie music.

  • Haunted house

Spooky. Abstract Helloween backgrounds for your design

This is a classic theme that you can never go wrong at using. Hang some ghosts and skeletons beside the window, replace your curtains with gauzy ones, and scatter some fake creepy crawlers along the floor. You can even have a murder mystery night with friends if you want to have a toned down party.

  • Superheroes

Superhero Couple

Nevertheless, this choice can literally save the day (or night). Your guests can dress up as their favourite superhero or create their own. Have them play a game of guessing what type of super powers the other characters have.

  • Monsters

cute furry alien

They may be cute or terrifying, this is a very versatile concept that can never be a downer. From zombies to vampires, costume ideas are endless. The drinks can be a range of colours from green to red to blue, and as well as the snacks.

  • Black and White


Or black and another colour. Pairing a vibrant colour with black can make things interesting and darker. This motif will allow you to have consistency and uniformity if you don’t like disorganization.

  • Ghoul’s Night Out

Halloween dinner table setting

To up the ante of sophistication, why not have a dinner party with your close friends or family and decorate the dining table with fabulous and luxurious candle holders, sparkling wine glass, and black plates and cutlery. Use a thick red—or why not use hot pink— table cloth and have a banquet along with the skulls scattered in the corner of the room. Creepy, but glamorous.

Pick a theme that you as the host will enjoy planning, do not just make a choice because you have to. Add some suggestions of what kind of party you want to have or the theme of the party you have attended that you enjoyed. You may just help out someone who’s stressing about what they should do for an event coming up.






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