40 Celebrities Who Shocked The World With Their Failed Transformations Through Plastic Surgery

This list consists of famous people including actors, actresses, and models who made the internet explode following their failed plastic surgery. See who made the top list of operations gone wrong below!

1.) Jocelyn Wildenstein

Plastic surgery proves to be a disaster for Jocelyn Wildenstein. This socialite billionaire underwent operations to gain her husband back, turns out it pushed him away even further.
This compilation of celebrities only proves that money can’t buy everything. You can spend millions and still look the worst! What do you think? Is plastic surgery worth the money?

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30 Weirdest Animals On Earth

There are so many strange creatures on earth. While some may just be familiar to natives of a particular locale, those who have not seen them yet may think that they may just be creatures from out of this world. Here are thirty of them.

1. Narwhal. Narwhal is classified under the whale kingdom and is characterized by its signature long tusk found on its head. It is commonly referred to as the “moon whale”. It got its name from its corpse-like color, which the Danish word narvhal means corpse.

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30 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Flying on board a plane can be a bit terrifying at times, especially when there are unprecedented occurrences that can affect the lives of passengers. Even before the plane takes off, there are other things that passengers may be concerned about, such as the location where the plane will take off or land. Take for instance these unsafe airports.

1. Toncontin International Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


Also known as Teniente Coronel Hernán Acosta Mejía Airport, the Toncontin International Airport is both a public and military airport located about 6 km from the center of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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50 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders


Many of the stars that you know were just like many of us. Some of them were cheerleaders before they had their first performance on stage. Here are 50 of them.

1. Nicole Polizzi. Before Nicole Polizzi became a reality television personality, author, dancer and professional wrestler, she was cheerleading at a school in Marlboro, New York where she grew up.

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50 Of The World’s Most Bizzare Houses


Different people have different tastes when it comes to choosing their permanent spaces. Some prefer houses that will fit their budget. Others pick shelters that are beyond description, just like these 50 most unusual dwellings.

1. Boeing 727-200 house in Hillsboro, Oregon. This dream house is actually a decommissioned military aircraft that aviation enthusiast Bruce Campbell converted into a full-fledged house in 1999.

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50 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay


Recent talks, either in support or otherwise of the LGTBQ community, have caused those who had been in hiding for years to come out in the open and, to the surprise of many, even celebrities are included in the fold. Here are 50 of them.

1. Miley Cyrus.


In the pop icon’s Paper Mag cover story she talked about making a huge revelation to her mother, Tish Cyrus, when she was 14, just about the time Hannah Montana made its debut. “I remember telling her I admire women in a different way. And she asked me what that meant. And I said I love them. I love them like I love boys,” Miley relayed to Paper.

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Review List: 30 Relationship Goals Worth Achieving

Everyone wants a lasting relationship. To do that we set goals and try to make the most of our relationships to ensure that we reach these goals. Here is a list of these goals you may want to consider.

1. Be the best of friends and deeply in love with each other at the same time. Aspire to talk to each other about how best friends would but act as the real lovers that you both are.

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12 Money Saver Hotel Alternatives

Enjoying a great vacation even on a budget is possible now that more hotel alternatives won’t require that you stash your pocket for some great day with your family or by yourself.

1. Apartment Rentals.

Pinching your vacation pennies is possible with the number of the hotel alternatives available, like apartment rentals. Housetrip provides links to holiday homes you may want to check in during your vacation.

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Top 30 Favorite Dresses From People Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards is one of the events where you will see celebrities dressed in the latest fashion trends. Every year, we see some pleasant surprises when celebrities take to the red carpet. Listed below are 30 favourite dresses that we spotted from the recently conducted People’s Choice Awards.

1. Blake Lively
The Hollywood actress has never stopped to surprise guests when she attended the event. Recently, she was spotted wearing a flapper-style mini dressed designed by Elie Saab, which made everyone turn and look back at her. She completed her look with a stunning clutch, excellent pair of earrings and high-heeled shoes that went well with her dress.

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Top 15 Craziest Things News Anchors Have Done And Said On Air

News anchors are under constant supervision, especially, when they are on air. Hence, they have to maintain decorum and discipline if they don’t want to do anything stupid or embarrassing on screen. Here, we have listed 15 of the craziest things that news anchors have said and done on air. While some of them are not quite deliberate, a few of them have been done on purpose to improve the rating of their particular channels.

1. Religious controversy
News anchors should do their best to stay away from speaking about other parties’ religious interests. However, during a 2013 interview, Lauren Green, an interviewer from Fox News asked a controversial question to Reza Aslan. Green asked Aslan as to why the religious scholar wrote a book on the founder of Christianity in spite of being a practising Muslim.

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