30 Secrets A Flight Attendant Will Not Reveal To Its Flyers

All the smiles we see from a flight attendant’s face are enveloped with top secrets they will never reveal to a passenger. Their daily experiences with flyers in different destinations and exposure to technical procedures of the airlines gave them the platform to know secrets from the tolerable ones to the most disgusting. After reading this article, you will never see the airline, its staff, and flight attendants the same way again.

1. You can ask for more food.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for an extra sandwich or another refill of juice as it will be free. But, don’t forget to ask them nicely. Foods that are stored onboard didn’t last that long, and they often discard them after the flight. There are times that the crew ate them, but they usually don’t. Who would you want to eat the same variety of food every day?

2. Double check your life vest before taking off.

It may sound impossible, but it is happening. Some passengers risk their luck to stole life jackets and bring it along with them. It is considered a criminal offense, but they don’t care about it anyway. They steal it to become a souvenir. The bad news is, the stolen life vest might be the one under your seat so better check everything for safety precautions. By the way, don’t follow these sentimental kleptomaniacs. You can always buy souvenirs from the flight attendants.

3. Smoking is prohibited, but they have ashtrays.

Have you ever wondered why there are ashtrays in the lavatory? There are still people who smoke despite the strict compliance of no smoking rule on board. If you really can’t wait until the flight is over, use the ashtray and just pay the fine as you leave the lavatory. Oh, do not forget to say sorry.

4. The aircraft looks clean, that’s how you see it.

Airlinesuse a fog machine that emits a dense vapor for cleaning the aircraft instantly. They don’t perform superficial clean up every flight like what you think. They can’t manage to clean the plane thoroughly as they will miss another flight and their flyers will be angry. You don’t have any idea if the previous person in your seat is sick or a baby vomited in the chair before yours.

5. Flight attendants can open the lavatory from outside.

For safety and emergency reasons, flight attendants have the keys to open the lavatory from the outside. There are instances when a person got locked in the washroom or collapsed because he/she is sick. Staff and crew have the power to open a lavatory whenever no one is responding from the knocking and calling after long minutes of waiting outside. Frequently, the flap with no smoking sign image near bolt will do the opening trick.

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25 Best Designer Hoodies For Women That Insanely Popular This 2017

Hoodies are important in every woman’s closet. It makes you more stylish and cool when wearing one. Below is a list of 2017’s Best Designer Hoodies For Women that you might want to buy now.

1.) American Embroidery Flowers Hoodies

You will surely love this trendy hoodie that features long sleeves embroidered with floral designs down the sleeves and a front kangaroo pocket that will be perfect for your OOTD.

American Embroidery Flowers Hooded For Women


2.) 3D Oil Painted Big Eye Printed Hoodies

This hoodie has a stylish design 3D picture that is perfect for all women who’s into hip hop. It is made up of silky fabric, and even if you washed it a couple of times, it wouldn’t fade, and with all the bright colors and splatters of paint all over it, it hides stains very well!

3D Oil Painted Big Eye Printed Hoodies For Women


3.) Winter Autumn Fleece Plus Size Female Hood

Let winter be cozy and warm with this hoodie that has thickened warm collar. The freezing months will seem warm, and at the same time, you will look stylish.

Winter Autumn Fleece Plus Size Female Hooded


4.) Pokemon Pikachu Printed Hoodie

Style yourself with your favorite Pokemon Pikachu hoodie that will keep you warm and make you look amazingly adorable. It has a very soft garment that is made up of yellow fleece material.

Pokemon Pikachu Printed Hoodies For Women


5.) Autumn Winter Long Sleeve Zipper Hoodies

This hoodie is one of our best-selling hoodies with its Korean-look that will surely every K-Pop fan loves to wear it. This is made up of cotton and polyester that is perfect for autumn and winter. This hoodie comes in several colors: Pink, White, Red, and Black.

Autumn Winter Long Sleeve Zipper Hoodies For Women


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For women, it is sometimes great to travel alone. Because, why not? If safety is your concern, here are some of the safest destinations for that worry-free solo travel trip.



This romantic city is not just for couples. It is safe for solo travelers, especially women, and who knows, Cupid might do his thing for single ladies out there.


Go to the “land from down under.” Their music, food, and culture will certainly dazzle a solo female traveler. Explore their artistry and enjoy time on your own.



This old European city, the Venice of the North, makes any traveler feel at home. The city’s enthralling scenery and safety reputation always entice anyone for some visit.



Canadians are friendly people. No wonder most solo travelers opt to visit Montreal for a European experience without having to spend a lot for some Europe trip.



This tropical haven won’t let anyone feel alone on a solo journey. With lovely beaches, temples and culture to discover, Bali is the ultimate travel destination for a soul-searching individual.



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50 Celebrities Who Are Mega Trump Supporters


The US President, Donald Trump is the most hated Presidents in the world today. Not many people support his values or policies or his secret relationships. However, you will be surprised to know that some celebrities have openly come out in support of Trump and his Republican Party. Now, we cannot say if their support was genuine or not. Here is a list of 50 celebrities who are mega Trump supporters.

1. Denzel Washington

One of the most talented actors in Hollywood, Denzel Washington, has never shied away from talking about his views in public. When most of his colleagues have been strong supporters of the Democrats, Washington has always remained a Republican and doesn’t mind declaring this to others.

2. Dennis Rodman

This NBA Basketball star once appeared on Trump’s show, “The Apprentice” as a celebrity guest and openly stated that the world needs another businessman like Trump. Though he hasn’t openly supported Trump’s political stance, Rodman does consider the US President, his close friend.

3. Bruce Willis

The much-loved action hero of the Die Hard series of movies, Bruce Willis shocked everyone, when he declared his support for Trump, in the famous TV show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We are not sure if Willis was genuine in his support or if he was looking for ideas for his next movie, while talking about his support for the US President, though.

4. Lou Ferrigno

The actual, Incredible Hulk, famous bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, was quite sweet and supportive in his wish for Trump when the latter won the Presidential Election. He wished Trump the best and also stated that Trump was a great choice because he took great care of America. Now, we don’t know if Ferrigno saw another version of Trump that we all failed to notice!

5. Jessica Simpson

This blonde beauty is not just known for her hot body and great singing skills, but also for her open support for the Republicans. This sensuous singer was also known for very vocal support for former President, George Bush, during 2004. So, it is clear that her favoritism is not towards a particular person, but towards the Republican Party as a whole.

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60 Hottest Female Olympians Ever

People have never been more excited to watch the Olympics after finding out that these women are competing in their specialties at the Rio Olympics.


#1 – Jessica Ennis-Hill


British athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill participates in multi-sport events such as the pentathlon and heptathlon. Talk about world-class skills AND beauty.


#2 – Maria Sharapova


She is one of the best female tennis players in the world, Maria Sharapova stands 6’2” tall and comes out to public always looking stunning.

#3 – Sophie Horn


British golfer Sophie Horn wows the crowd more with her beauty than her skills, unfortunately. But hey, she’s a looker and stands out on the greens.


#4 – Alex Morgan


This gorgeous soccer player Alex Morgan gives soccer fans more to cheer for every game. She’s an absolute stunner with those perfect smile and skin.

#5 – Amber Hill


Amber Hill is a young and beautiful skeet shooter who’s won a gold medal at the European Games at a young age of 18!

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15 Workouts You Should Not Do

Did you know that there are exercises that are not good for you? Instead of getting the results you need, you find yourself getting worse, even hurt at times. Here are 15 worst workout mistakes you should not or stop doing.

1. Doing the cardio inappropriately.


Less of this has no effect at all. More than what you can do, however, only exhausts your body. A 65%-75% of your target heart rate is best to consider when doing this exercise.

2. Running to lose weight.


Focus more on weight training instead of concentrating on a weak form of cardio exercises. Running eats away the muscles you worked hard to gain.

3. Straining and over training.


Overtraining increases your appetite and makes you want to eat more than you should. Instead of straining yourself, train just enough to blast off your fat and not hit a plateau.

4. Leaning over or slouching while on exercise machines.


While doing the gym slouch will deny your body of the support that it needs while you exercise. Maintaining a correct posture assures that you extend all training benefits to all the body parts.

5. Thinking cardio is enough.


Other than cardio exercises, you can also consider strength-training workouts to increase body metabolism and burn more calories.

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These 20 Things That Every Man Must Do

From time immemorial, a man has been considered to be more superior to a woman. However, one needs to understand that superiority is not based on gender but one one’s actions. If you are a true man, you should be able to do these 20 things listed below. Once you have done all these, you can give yourself a pat on your back and claim proudly that you are indeed a man!

  1. Respect Women

Man comforting his sad mourning friend

The first and foremost quality of a man is to respect the women in his life and all other women that he encounters in his day to day affairs. Respect doesn’t mean succumbing to them. It simply means to give importance to their emotions and stand up for them when they need you. A true man would never raise his hand against any woman in the world.

  1. Take Ownership

Man with a briefcase in a hotel hallway.

A man should be ready to take ownership of his actions – good and bad. While they take credit for their achievements, most men shy away from complications that arise due to their decisions. However, if you want to prove that you are a man at heart you should be ready to face all the consequences that arise due to your actions, with confidence.

  1. Communication

Attractive Woman Listening to Her Boyfriend

Men have also known to be more introverts than women. This has to change. A true man should know how to communicate his feelings openly without any apprehensions or hesitations. He should command and not demand respect from the people in this life and at his workplace due to his approachability and communication skills.

  1. Dress Smart

Vogue style portrait of a young guy

Irrespective of whether you own a business or a chief executive of an MNC or just a regular 9to 5 employees at any office, you should dress smartly at all times. By this, we don’t mean to say that you need to wear a three-piece suit and coat always; we mean that you should wear clothes that are neat, wrinkle-free and refreshing.

  1. Build Something


Men should know how to build simple things at home – like a bookshelf, storage compartments, simple projects for kids at home and much more. You don’t have to be an architect to all these things. A man should know by himself or understand from instruction manuals and be good at these DIY building projects; it makes him more desirable.

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Great Dives: 40 of the Most Stunning Pools In The World

Nothing can beat a refreshing plunge in the pool, especially if you are in one of these 40 most beautiful pools in the world. It’s time to check out these beautiful pools. Perhaps you might want to have your next dive in one of them.

1. Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel.


It is beauty beyond compare has earned it the unique distinction as “The World’s Best Swimming Pool” by Condé Nast Traveller. It also comes on top on the list of the Trip Advisor.

2. The St. Regis Resort in Lhasa.


You will shimmer even without having to be under the sun when you take a dip at St. Regis as the pool is lined with many gold tiles that lend a golden glow to the water.

3. Phum Baiting, Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Unwind in this luxurious treat after exploring the ancient world within its confines.

4. Infinity pool in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Resort.


Float in the largest rooftop infinity pool while enjoying a stunning view of Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Resort.

5. San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Algarrobo, Chile.


At 1 km (0,62 mi) long and 35 m (115 ft) deep, the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Algarrobo, Chile is the largest and deepest pool in the world. Imagine go kayaking and sailing in a pool?

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2016 CMA Awards Top 25 Best Dressed

The 2016 CMA Awards show saw some scintillating performances on the red carpet. Fashion was in its full form here as some of the celebrities outshone their counterparts with their astute fashion sense. While some brought in innovative dresses, some wore the usual in an innovative way to make audiences go gaga over them. This was a show where celebrities turned fashionistas and created new fashion trends for many youngsters to follow. Listed below are 25 of the best-dressed celebrities from this event.
1. Miranda Lambert
A black gown can never go wrong on a red carpet. When Lambert wore a black gown with lace detailing, showing a reasonable amount of cleavage, the world couldn’t stop looking at her. She looked absolutely stunning as she matched this dress with Butani jewelry pieces, Monika Chiang pumps, combed back blonde hair with side frills and heavy eyeliner.

2. Carrie Underwood
When Carrie Underwood wore a fully embellished gown, designed by Michael Cinco, she created a new fashion trend. The dress was brilliant, to say the least, as it was embellished from top to bottom with Swarovski crystals and pearls. Her jewelry pieces were designed by Butani, Hearts on Fire and Harry Kotlar.

3. Kelsea Ballerini
Ballerini wore a shiny and soft dark pink-coloured, floral, Michael Costello dress for the CMA Awards and she looked pretty colorful and confident in it. With thin shoulder straps, a little bit of cleavage and bold lipstick, Ballerina won many hearts that day.

4. Hunter Hayes
It’s not always that men catch our eyes when we are discussing the best-dressed celebrities at an event. However, Hunter Hayes managed to do that because of his smart navy suit, hunk-like looks and oodles of confidence, as he walked on the red carpet.

5. Beyonce Knowles
The queen perfected her mermaid look for the 2016 CMA Awards when she chose to wear a puff-sleeved, completely embellished gown designed by Zuhair Murad Couture. Her earrings were from Lorraine Schwartz, and when she rocked the stage with her performance, people couldn’t stop commenting on how good she looked in that dress.

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11 Things That People Secretly Do In Hotels

When we stay in hotels during our vacations, we all experience a sense of comfort and relaxation in our minds, that give us a new energy to try out different things. At some point in our lives, we would have tried or thought of trying these 11 things secretly when we stay in hotels.

  1. Taking Drinks From The Minibar

Hotel room interior with mini bar and safe box

We all know that hotels charge exorbitantly for the drinks that they keep in the minibar. So, most of us buy the same brand of drinks at throw away prices from the supermarket and replace them with the costly ones in the minibar. We enjoy the drinks stored in the minibar at our convenience. We bet, most of us would have done this, right?

  1. Waste Hotel’s Electricity

3d Render of Hotel Room

We don’t remember to switch off the lights in our hotel room before going out of our room, right?  We simply lock the room with a random card and set out for our respective locations. We don’t have a sense of belongings to our hotel rooms like what we experience in our homes. Therefore, we waste electricity in our hotel rooms, sometimes, deliberately.

  1. Long And Leisurely Baths

Woman in bathroom.

We paid for our hotel rooms, so we like to think that we have the right to enjoy long and leisurely baths, wasting as much water as we can. At least one in three people would have done this. We enjoy bubble baths for hours together in a tub full of water, and we don’t feel guilty about wasting so much of water.

  1. Take Toiletries

Toiletries in bathroom

Many of us take the toiletries kept in our hotel rooms and put it in our bags, as we believe that we paid for them. The hospitality department of all hotels refills our room daily with fresh supplies of soaps, shampoos, conditioners and the like.  This is one of the most familiar things that we do secretly when we stay in hotels.

  1. Demand Pampering

Room service

We all love to call for room service and get food delivered right to our rooms, even though we are not busy. We don’t want to walk till the restaurant which is usually situated on the ground floor of the hotel. We want to feel pampered so that we get full value for the money that we are paying as a tariff.

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