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A relationship is a series of ups and downs. You cannot always expect things to be alright at all times. If you are in a relationship, you should expect some misunderstanding because of the reason that you do not always think similarly. There are things that you think is right but your partner thinks the other way. Common cause of arguments among couples is arguing over little things but it is part of every relationship.




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Relationship is not only about happiness, laughter, and smiles. There are also times that the couple can undergo problems which when left unresolved can lead to more serious conflicts. That is why, asking for an advice is necessary so that your thoughts will be lightened and you will not only rely on what you think is good for you but you can also consider what others think about your situation.

Best relationship advice varies depending on the situation that a couple has. One of the highly asked ones is when it comes to long distance relationship advice because this one is way too complicated to deal with especially when trust cannot be found within the hearts of the couple.

Tip#1: Accept the reason why you are away from each other

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There are certain decisions that need to be done even if both of you don’t want it to happen.  It is difficult to be away from the one you love especially when you are used to being together every day. For you to embrace it, learn to accept the reasons why your partner has to go. It is a very crucial decision to make but you have to give your approval.

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Tip#2: Learn to trust your partner

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You will never know what happens next when your partner is already there and you are left here. Random thoughts disturb you every now and then but you have to fight back for this if you want to keep the relationship going because your doubts can weaken the foundation of your relationship. Trust your partner that the two of you are going to keep your promises while you are apart from each other.

Tip#3: Keep your communication

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Do not miss a day without giving updates about yourself. You can do that easily now because it is only one text or message away with the use of cellular phones and the internet. Give time to send a message to him/her about what you have done today so that despite the distance that separates you, your connection is still intact. Do not make any excuse why you cannot make it because there is always a way.

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Tips#4: Learn to listen

Learn to listen

Nothing will be solved when two heads are clashing against each other. Give time for each other to talk and reason out. This is one way on how to save a relationship. Do not let your emotions eat you up. Be rational and listen to what your partner has to say. You are already distance away so take time to fix things up immediately and do not let for days to pass before working it out.

Tip#5: Steps on how to fix your relationship

You cannot always say that everything will be fine for both of you because there are instances when you feel like you cannot understand each other, then it leads to quarrels and stuffs. You should fix it and never wait for it to be worse.

fix relationship

  • Admit that you are wrong – Acceptance that you are the one who done the mistake is one way to show to your partner that you are sincere.
  • Say sorry – You don’t have to do something wrong to be able to say sorry. You can say sorry even if you are not the one who start up the fight. This will cut the story short. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry when you know that you are not the one who did the wrong thing.
  • Lower your pride – Value the relationship over your pride. Your pride will ruin your relationship. You should practice how to step down. Do not let that pride destroy the relationship that you don’t want to lose.

Love is one of the best feelings in this world but it also has the power to give you the most undesirable feeling which is pain. Never ever give up in your relationship. If you are one of those who have been through a rocky relationship, let your story be heard for others who have the same situation as you to learn. Feel free to leave a comment.






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