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Though we won’t really admit it, we base how attractive other people are on the first impression they make on us. Each of us has a personal preference as to how attractive the opposite sex is. Each of us has our own definition of adjectives such as cute, hot, and beautiful. It’s not a bad thing to be conscious about what kind of impression we leave to people we meet.

There is also truth in the saying “Love at first sight”, but we can mellow it down and turn it into “attraction at first sight”. A majority of relationships are based from the first thoughts we have about the other person. A great opportunity of getting to know someone is to go on a first date. You can plan out in advance if you want them to consider you as their ‘perfect first date’ but don’t make it too extravagant.

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So what to wear on a first date? Yes, they did agree to go on a date with you; which means that they like you already, but you can still improve it to create more sparks. Let’s break it down between genders shall we? Here’s what to do on a first date tips.


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