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A popular case in America is divorce. It’s like both partners will go back to single status but in different level. The Dissolution of marriage signifies from being united to disunion. The family you have known, love, and where you felt belongingness will be separated and allows you to wonder “where will I go after this?”




The effects of broken marriage or relationship due to infidelity are not to be disregarded as a normal issue in society.  A strong family in a community would mean a strong society. That is why it is very important to maintain a united family because it brings progress and peace in a community. However, there is no perfect relationship, a couple would always fight or quarrel over simple matter or issue. When this doesn’t reconcile it would lead to separation, annulment or divorce. It is always our responsibility to make our family strong and complete. Each spouse has their own responsibility for one another to maintain that sparks and connection to stay together and forever.

What happens to children of divorced parents?

Conflict in family

Your mother and father will no longer sleep together and they don’t have rights to each other, and it is very distressing. You will somehow ask “How should I act?” It’s like you’ve been in a war without an enemy because you both value your parents. We all know that every family has different trainings, bonding, treatment, and our styles are very unlikely to each other. As Kathleen O’Connell Corcoran, Ph.D says in her article “The children who succeed after divorce, have parents who can communicate effectively and work together as parents.”

This means that even though a couple is getting a divorce, they should somehow see to it that their children will come to terms with the situation as well.

The psychological effects of divorce on children and reactions to their parents’ divorce vary in degree dependent on three factors:

  1. The children’s personal relationship on each parent before the separation
  2. The duration and how intense their parent’s conflict is
  3. The capability of each parent in handling their relationship with the kids after the legal separation. With proper communication, the recovery of the children can be expected.

You may doubt the term easily so I will give you synonyms of the word “easy”, accessible, clear, painless, and uncomplicated. It doesn’t mean that they will not undergo pain but it emphasizes lesser pain, access to parents is easy if parent’s ability to focus the needs of the children is not taken for granted. If parents handle the intensity and duration of parental conflict in rightly manner and will not let the children hear their fights, the divorce effects on children will lessen including fear, stress, and pain.

How divorce affects children and single mothers?


There are programs which are available in single mother resource centers or offices which are offered by various groups including some government agencies. These are meant to make the lives of the single mothers more comfortable as well as offer them some support.

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  1. Those single mothers who are victims of domestic violence can seek refuge in centers which can also provide them with temporary accommodation. There are various types of assistance which are offered to these women which would include legal assistance as well as counseling for them as well as their children. There are also programs that would allow them to go back in the mainstream later on.
  2. Programs for skills trainings as well as education are also available in most centers. These programs aim to make the single mothers become more productive economically. It hopes to make them more self-sufficient and provide for the children.
  3. Some centers or institutions provide the single mothers a start-up capital for some business ventures. This is made possible through the small grants and loans which would offer them lower and more affordable interest rates. To supplement their skills, they are also offered additional trainings on how to manage their business well as well as how to make it bigger. They are equipped with skills necessary for the operation of their business ventures.

One of the integral parts to recover or heal from a broken relationship is to forget or forgive. Make an assessment whether you forgive or forget and be very serious about your decision. Talk to your partner what will be the priority now. Deal every decisions made accordingly without regret.

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