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This article is intended to give segment on factors that concerns the best cost for an average wedding photographer:




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Wedding is one of the most memorable moments of a person’s life. It’s a once in a lifetime event that really sets our hearts and minds in a higher degree of happiness. Indeed, the memory of it is worth keeping. But how could we keep it for life? The answer is through photograph. How can it be done? Well, you can have it done in self-service manner like you’ll post and take a picture of your wedding in a random manner. Chances are: You will get the best pictures of your wedding or might be the other way around. But then, there’s another way of having it done which I personal prefer. Man, you could hire someone to do it for you. But of course it should not be tour 3-year old baby sister or niece. Hire someone who is professional in taking pictures.

Is your budget enough for a wedding photographer?

Photographer Budget

Now, the next question will be: “How much will an average wedding photographer cost?” Admit it!  It’s a good question. Well, kidding aside, there are countless ranges of wedding photographers as there are numerous types and classes of photography. You see, with the advancement of what we call “Selfie Generation”, we could have our dream wedding picture ideas in a dramatic, adventurous, classic, and even wacky angle. I mean, as much as our modern world is concern, we can do just whatever we could think on photography. No rules, no buts. Think whatever you want and do whatever you want. It’s a free wind job.

What lures people to take photography?

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The rolling fact that photography is so inviting that it could awaken every man’s passion in preserving memories, made it the most trending profession now days.  And of course with this, finding a wedding photographer would really depend on our personal considerations.  So, before we jump into looking for a wedding photographer, we need, first, to evaluate what type of photograph we really want. Do we like it classy or trendy? Or do we like it perhaps in an unusual and catchy angle? Next, we need to set our priorities and budget. Do we really need a high standard wedding photograph? Do we plan to have it in an extravagant or thrifty way? Set and think of it.

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Wedding photography checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

After considering the above mentioned factors, we need now to face reality. The rate! Like, how much could an average couple in a certain area afford for a wedding photograph? I mean, let’s say, in a highly urbanized area, will you expect for a cheaper wedding photographer? Geez! Probably not, right? And so, why am I asking this? It is because the cost really depends on the business mark set by the many. The richer the residents are, the higher the costs of the wedding photographers are and vice versa. With this, canvass is your best buddy.  And so, let’s have the fun part, the canvassing!

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How to do it?

wedding photos

  • First, list down the entire photo gallery in your place.
  • Then, rate them according to their studio. How organize is their place?
  • Rate them according to their facilities. What are the gadgets that they are using? How presentable are they? Then, rate them according to their service. Like, what are they offering? Does it fit what you want? Do they do the type of photograph you are thinking?
  • Rate them according to their rates. I mean, how much do they charge per session of photo-shoots? Total their ratings and go for the best deal. That way you can avoid the great possibility of regret. But if you’re too tired to go through the long process of canvassing, you can also have the referral.  How to do it? It’s very simple! Ask for a friend about their previous photo-shoots. Like, who took their best photo? Who handle their great photo-shoots? How well does it go? Was it worth the money? Ask whatever and see if you could agree to it.  Yeah, this may sound very basic but trust me, it’s very effective.  Choose which you’ll take and make it work. See, it’s your dream picture and you should seriously have it done!

I hope this article eased your concern regarding the budget for your wedding photographer.  And I do hope that I somehow impart a little idea on how you’ll deal with your dream wedding picture. Thank you for reading and enjoy your jump start in finding the best photographer for your wedding!






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