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A huge percentage of exams require reading comprehension. The question can only be answered through reading a short paragraph or story first. Examinations usually run for a maximum of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. You will be required to read several paragraphs that could consume a huge portion of your time. After each paragraph, there are questions related to the paragraph you read. You must answer these questions correctly.

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How to improve your reading skills

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There are two methods of reading: silent reading and loud reading. Silent reading is required when answering exams. Some people argue that they cannot understand what they are reading if they have to read it silently. For those who are having a difficult time understanding what they read should take reading comprehension practice. It will help you improve your reading skills which are absolutely beneficial especially for students.

Practice reading daily

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It would also help if you can read a story a day. At schools, students are asked to read aloud in front of the class. They also have joint practice reading with their classmates. This form of practice is called interactive reading comprehension because the students are communicating with each other while reading. They are like doing a little play while reading. Students would read dialogues to communicate with their classmates.

Reading can improve speaking

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Reading aloud can improve your speaking. Instead of reading silently read the paragraphs aloud. When it comes to improving reading comprehension you have to practice reading loud and clear. It is recommended to practice speaking in front of the mirror. You would be able to see how you look like when reading aloud. Keep in mind that you need to show some important expressions when reading because it is one of the most important elements of practice speaking.

Try tongue twister

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Another way to improve how you read aloud is through doing tongue twister. These are twisted words that can improve the way you pronounce the words. When reading aloud you should be careful when pronouncing the words because they might sound funny. They would sound funny when you pronounced it in a wrong way. To be able to improve the way you say the words, try the tongue twister.

Read short stories

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Someone who is not fond of reading books may find it really boring. It is not easy to improve reading skills if you are not interested of reading at all. If you are clueless how to improve reading comprehension skills you have to have an interest in books. Reading short stories, excerpts and essays can start your interest in reading. There are interesting stories on various reading materials that would help you improve the way you read.

Benefits of reading

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There are numerous benefits of reading. It improves your knowledge. You would learn a lot from various books like geography, history, science and more. You would be able to fill your curiosity if you will take time to read. There are thousands of books out there which are waiting to be read. If you spend some of your time for reading, you would surely reap the benefit of knowledge.

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Tips in reading paragraphs

Tips in reading paragraphs

Major exams require you to read each questions carefully and re-reading them to make sure you get it right. However this process is very time consuming. There is another way to read the paragraphs well in a short period of time. Try scanning. This technique is very easy. You just need to read the paragraph fast and take note of the important details like persons, places and time.

How fast can you read?

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When answering exams you don’t have to read hastily. As long as you understand the words you are reading you can answer the questions given at the end of each paragraph. Give yourself some time to absorb what you have read. In reading comprehension exams the teachers use a special technique in determining how fast you read. You don’t need to hurry if you want to understand the piece well. Take your time.

Portable reading comprehension tests

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There are reading materials available at bookstores that can test you reading skills. These are very affordable materials so you can buy them. If you want digital materials you download it online. Numerous apps are available for downloads. Some apps are free to download while some may require payments. It is still a small investment to enhance your reading ability. You don’t have to pay a huge amount of money to be able to enhance your reading skill.

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