A positive attitude can really make dreams come true.

You work because you love what you are doing. The pressure you are facing while at work is nothing because you know that you are being compensated afterwards. Working in a well-motivated environment is important so that you can increase your productivity and effectiveness. Sometimes, the type of environment you are working with has a great impact for the success of the task you are doing.




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That is why you have to know how you can keep yourself motivated because that motivation in the workplace will help you to become more productive and to perform your work effectively. When you are not motivated very well, it feels like you don’t have the drive to do your work and it can result to poor performance.

Self-assessment: how to get motivated?

  • Love your work

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Learn to love your work. It is by loving your work that you will start performing your tasks better because you will never feel bored that you keep on repeating similar patterns of work every day. It will help you a lot to accomplish your task.

  • Bear in mind that you are being paid

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Always remember that you are not giving your service for free. You are paid by the company to do your work. That alone should make you realize that you have to satisfy your employer and give them just service from the amount that they are compensating you.

  • Focus on your goals

Perspective Your Time

You have your goals. Keep your eyes focused towards the achievement of that goal so that you will be inspired to work harder in order to wake up one day with that goal already achieved.

  • Bear in mind that you have to do your job properly


If you don’t, the company has the right to terminate you and when that happens, you will start from scratch again. Remember how difficult it is to apply for a job now or else take a look at the percentage of unemployed individuals today. Do you want to be like them or you will rather choose to give your best to do your job?

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  • Bear in mind to help the company

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You are helped by the company so at least make the benefit mutual. This thought should drive you even more to work more than what is expected from you. When you fail to function as expected, it can directly affect the company that you are working for.

Impact of others to yourself: how to be motivated?

  • Being praised by your superiors for a job well done

Well done!

A simple tap on the shoulder for something that you have accomplished is a good motivational gesture that you can get from them. It will make you feel that your efforts are being valued. Thus, it will urge you to do more.

  • Being appreciated by little things that you do for the company

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Everything matters. Any effort that you have done for the company that are given attention will help you towards striving to make your work a lot better. It is very different compared to when no one is there to give a compliment to what you have done. It feels good to be appreciated because it will make you think that your effort counts.

  • Being rewarded

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At work, reward comes in the form of salary increase every time your employer feels satisfied or promotions to higher ranks. This is one way for you to be motivated and it cannot be denied that the thought of rewards excite you.

  • Working in a comfortable environment

Office Working Area

This includes other people and their personalities which can be apart from yours. Take time to understand how they behave so that you will learn to adjust with them. Sometimes, when you clash with your co-workers, it will make you feel unproductive and it will lead to not doing your work properly as expected which results to undesirable outcome.

Your contribution to others: how to motivate people?

  • Recognize other people’s worth

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Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses. Recognize them one by one and let them feel that they are important to the company no matter what their positions are. This will give them security that they are considered an essential pillar to the company. Acknowledge their individual contribution no matter how big or how small their contributions are.

Observe these tips to be able to work in a well-motivated environment. You can also leave comments if there are points that you want to add.






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