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Being in love will bring you to the cloud nine and the feeling seems surreal that you don’t want to wake up from it if it is only a dream. No one wants to end that feeling. In as much as possible, you nurture it and you nourish it so it will grow. Unfortunately, not every love story has a happy ending. It starts happily but the end can be the exact opposite.

Choosing to go separately

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No one can force two persons to stay together and pretend that everything is fine even if it no longer is. That is why; when the conflict gets serious, one of them decides to break the label and choose to go on their separate lives. Whatever the reason is for breaking up, the only real thing as of that moment is pain; the tingling sensation that pierce down to the bottom of your heart. So read on and consider some tips on how to survive a breakup.

First step: Let the emotion flow

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  • Accept the reality – There are many ways on how to deal with a breakup but no matter what those steps are, it seems like none of it can help especially when you are too drown with your emotions. Do not deny reality because it won’t help you. Accept the fact that all are gone and you are no longer officially connected. Yes, it hurts but denying the truth won’t do you any better.
  • Be rational – The process of letting go is very difficult but the magnitude of the pain is mainly caused by the memories that seem to go back to you. You remember the times when you are still together. Even if it hurts, always make your brain rule over your heart. Be rational. It may be hard but you have to try.
  • Pause and think in silence – It cannot be avoided that a moment of silence can bring all good memories back. If you want to make everything easier in dealing with a breakup, do not think of happy thoughts when you are with your ex, think of something different that will make you want to delete those times from your system. Try it and it will help you.

Second step: Think positively

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Let your mind work. Do not spend a lot of time thinking about what was lost. Exercise an optimistic view over what had happened to you. It is not like you will forever endure with that pain. Keeping yourself suffer from that pain is a choice and you also have the chance to get up and move on.

  • Optimism is the key – Think of it as a blessing in disguise. Draw positive thoughts. Think about it this way: There is something bigger and greater that is coming your way. Besides, there are more than billions of human being in this world and you can surely find someone better. If you know that you did nothing wrong for the relationship to turn upside down, then keep your head up. It is not your loss.
  • Stop overthinking – Let your mind rest. Thinking about what has ended over and over again will only inflict more pain. If you know that you are at the right side, you should not ponder over those things. If your partner did not see your worth, then why shed your tears over him/her? You will only look pathetic with that and for sure, you don’t want that to happen. So, get up.

Third step: Show that you are better off without them

It is not like you are going to pretend that you have fully recovered even if you are not. But you should not forever stay at your room and think about those memories. You cannot bring it back so why bother thinking about it repeatedly? Show to the world that it did not affected you and you are over it.

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  • Surround yourself with happy faces – Spread good vibrations. It cannot be denied that getting over a break up cannot be done by drowning yourself to tears overnight. But if you want to have faster recovery, you can do it. Always find time to hang out with happy people so that their laughter and their smiles will inspire you.

Going through a break-up is the worst feeling in this world but you have the discretion to choose how you will deal with it. It is never going to be easy. If you have been to a break-up, please leave a comment and share your story for everyone to gain insight or you can add more steps on this article.






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