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Tired of the same look of your bedroom ever since you moved in? The bedroom should be your little sanctuary from all the stresses the world throws at you. Your own personal heaven where no one has the right to tell you how you should look or say or do. Do you want to start with that new look that will be the reflection of who you are?




If you’re itching for a room renovation but you don’t want to spend too much money, there are ways to do so. By simply tweaking some of the items you already own, rearranging some furniture, and before you know it you won’t even recognize your old room. Here is how to decorate a bedroom.

Where to start?

Before you start on decorating your bedroom, there are a few things you might want to consider before hauling all of your items out the door. These can save you some time and effort.

  • Clean your room

cleaning room

This may sound like a statement that your mother always tells you to do whenever she knocks on your door, but if you are serious about considering a room make over you have to remove all the clutter and dirt in every corner. Do beware of the random items you might find that may (and will) distract you from your original agenda.

  • Choose a theme for your bedroom

bedroom theme

The possibilities are endless; you can pick themes from your favourite movies, books, or even animal prints. While you’re deciding on what theme you should use, you can multitask by segregating the things you want to keep in the room or throw out. Also start taking down the curtains and old wall decorations.

  • Move all the heavy furniture into the middle of the room

move furniture

Even if it is as microscopic in size as you think, leave at least 1-meter of space between the walls and furniture at the centre.

So what’s next?

Utilize the space! Even if you say that it’s an average sized room, you’d be amazed at how much space you really have after removing all the unwanted items you have.

  • Measure the room to determine how much space you actually have

measure the room

Be sure to take notes even if you claim you won’t forget the numbers—you most likely will. You can later on use these measurements when buying new items.

  • Purchase or reuse artworks and fixtures you want in your bedroom


You can do it yourself or you can hire someone else to install the adjustable wall lamps, this will save the much needed floor space. Bring out the inner artist in you and start painting or take photos to print out and frame.

  • Use a rug


This will utilize the floor and make your room more vibrant with a patch of colour. You can also use your old furniture and assign them new purposes, such as turning an upholstered chair into a bedside table.

Note that the steps used here can be doubled as family room decorating ideas or even small living room decorating ideas, if you’re wondering. You can even redecorate the whole house by applying similar steps.

Put some style into it!

This room is a reflection of your personality therefore it should be a reflection of your style. Here are some steps to achieve that easily.

  • Choose what colour the paint or wallpaper will be


Look for neutrals, a scheme that isn’t too dark or too bright. Utilize patterns for your wallpapers or on your bed sheets to add same flare into the room.

  • Consistency is the key to having a well put together room

Make sure to keep true to your theme and style so your items won’t clash. Add a little colour to the bedroom if it looks like the scheme will blend together.

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Comfort is important


The perfect space to retreat after a tiring day is the bedroom; ergo comfort is at the utmost important. Why not pile some soft pillow on your bed or splurge on luxurious comforters for a good night’s sleep. Purchase a comfy chair to place at the corner of the room and call it your reading corner where you can grab a book and have a cup of coffee.

You can use this method when thinking about how to decorate a living room. This is where you welcome your guests; it’s not such a bad idea to make them feel comfort with a few simple items. Add some colourful pillows or change up the style of the sofa to give off the feeling of “welcome home”.

Leave a comment below on what your opinion is the best theme for the bedroom. Or maybe comment what is the best colour to paint on the walls. Is it better to paint the walls directly or just use wallpaper?  You might be responsible in helping another person decide.






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