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It’s true that there are times where shaving can be a lot of trouble because of many reasons. One well known one is that you cannot undo the mistake that you did, especially when you started to go wrong on some parts of your face. Remember that you’re shaving for the sake of style, and you have to do it right.




Shaving is guaranteed to be a good way to make yourself look clean at certain times, but take note that shaving can go wrong in many ways, which is why we’ve decided to provide some helpful tips for those who are having a hard time shaving the right way, or for those that are annoyed when it comes to growing a beard – even if facial hair looks so cool!

So if you happen to like shaving, but can’t find a good method to shave the right way, then let’s pinpoint the different shaving mistakes that you must always avoid so that you can find the best way to shave your facial hair. These tips are known to be effective for those who want to know how to shave with a straight razor or how to shave with a safety razor:

Shaving too Hard

Shaving Too Hard

We all know that sometimes, facial hair can be troublesome, and shaving hard can cause wounds all over your face if you do it regularly. This is known to be bad, and can make you look worse, rather than hairy. So be sure to learn the various angles needed for your razor when shaving so that you won’t get hurt.

If the issue persists, then your blade might be the issue and not the way you shave anymore. So be sure to replace your razors if you noticed that you are always nicked.

Shaving in One Angle

One Angle Shaving

Shaving downwards might be the most common thing to do, but remember that this won’t remove all of the facial hair because there are some hairs that cannot be removed by that angle. If you’re not yet used to trying this, this will become as painful as your first attempt in shaving.

Be sure to try shaving the sides upwards and sideways so that all of the hair will be completely removed. This is a method that’s done by many shavers, and it will provide perfect results for you as well!

Not Replacing Razors

replacing razor

It’s known that we get used to some razors that we kept for so long, but this is never a good habit to keep because whenever you shave with a razor that’s standing here in your bathroom for more than a month already, infections can result from it. Be sure to replace the blades if possible, and if you’re using a disposable razor, be sure to throw it and purchase a new one instead.

Not Using Cream

Using Shaving Cream

This might be an optional choice, but if you want to have a cleaner and smoother face, then use some shaving cream to make your face smoother. There are lots of shaving creams that you can purchase in groceries and retail stores, and these have nutrients that are also good for the skin as well. Some even come with fragrant flavors that you will love.

Be sure to apply this correctly over the places that you want to shave, and make sure that you try and do it at various angles so that you can get a cleaner result when needed.

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Ignoring the Barber’s Way of Shaving Your Hair

Barber Shaving

If you want to learn more about shaving, then getting a haircut is the best. You can ask tips on your nearby barber so that you will know what will be the best for you. Be sure to check the way how they shave your hair if you asked for it so that you can do it when you’re at home. They can also teach you about beard styles as well.

There are some barbers that might also ask for additional payments for shaving, but this can be considered as a good way for you to learn. So never ignore this if you want to know the right techniques in shaving very well and firmly.

These are the best ways on how to shave your face so that you can get a clean result, and for you to look younger just like what you always wanted. So if you want to learn more when it comes to being handsome, be sure to comment here, and we will handsomely help you out!






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