A positive attitude can really make dreams come true.

Growing a garden is one of the best things to do as a habit. It has a lot of benefits. Some of them include:




  • making your house more aesthetically pleasing,
  • making you more relaxed, as it has been said that gardening has a therapeutic effect on the person
  • having an extra source of food in the case that you are growing a vegetable garden.

However, before you could start on such, there are various things that you need to consider and a certain set of steps you have to follow on how to grow a garden. Here are some of them.

Consider the plants that you are going to grow


This could be plants that are fruit-bearing, vegetables, garden plants, flowers, herbs, or vines, to name some. You have to think of the main objective of what type of garden that you are going to grow. Also, different types of plants require different amount of effort when maintaining them.

Once you have decided upon this, you could now proceed to buying a pack of seeds. Alternatively, you could buy seedlings in the case that you want to speed it up a little bit.

Choose where to plant

Choose Plant

How to make a garden requires the soil where the plants would be grown. This could be a spot in your yard or a part in the neighborhood if you want. When choosing this portion, you have to consider the type of soil and what type of plants grow on it. At the same time, you should consider the amount of sunlight and shade the plant will receive. Lastly, you have to consider how vulnerable it is to certain natural conditions like rain and flooding, pests and other stray animals, and the wind.

Prepare the soil


Before you answer the question of when to plant a garden, you have to prepare the soil first. This could be done by digging up the soil and churning it up so that the soil and therefore the plant has a space to breathe.  You have to make sure that the soil is fertile. In places wherein the topsoil or the humus has likely lost its nutrients, you may need to put some natural fertilizers at the onset so that the plants might still grow. Lastly, you need to remove other plants which may not be needed in your garden. This may include weeds and grass.


grow the plant

This is finally the first step on how to start a garden. You have to read the instructions thoroughly on how to plant the seeds properly. This will take into consideration the space from one plant to the other as two plants who are near each other will likely die due to lack of nourishment brought about by competition. Also, you will have to consider the depth of the plant with regards to the soil. It has to be a balance between the roots being deep enough so that it will not be uprooted easily and being shallow enough so that the young roots could easily receive the nutrients that the soil has to offer.

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Water the plants

watering the plants

Again, this varies from one plant to another as some plants require a lot of water while some do not need much at all. This is an important part as the plants need to be hydrated since they are constantly exposed to the sun. They need liquid in order to keep the nutrient flow from each part to be transported to the next. However, be careful not to overdo this as it may drown the plant which may lead to their death.

Do maintenance check often

Maintaing the garden

This may require a lot of things. Some of them include:

  • Applying fertilizers and pesticides whenever the situation needs it. There are instances wherein your plants need them because there are other external factor that intervene with their growth.
  • Cultivate your garden. This will make sure that the plants will receive enough air. However, be careful not to damage the roots.
  • Provide structural support. There are instances wherein the stems are too soft that they could not support the leaves or the flowers that they are holding anymore. In such cases, you may need to use a stick or a piece of long, narrow wood in order to make sure that the part will not be destroyed.

If you have followed all of these, then you will get the garden that you want. Start on creating a garden now and enjoy the benefits of it.






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