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Washing your clothes is one of your everyday tasks. Of course, you have to wash your clothes in order to remove the dirt and smell so that you can wear it again. Clothes aren’t disposable things so you have to wash them every now and then. On the other hand, it is really stressful to wash clothes, especially if there is plenty of it.





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Using a washer or also known as washing machine is the best option you should go for in order to alleviate the effort you will exert for washing your clothes.

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More and more people buy their own washing machine so that they can do the washing with ease and in less time possible. This is better than bringing your clothes in a laundry shop because there is a slim possibility that you might lose your favorite shirt because it was misplaced or damaged. But since you have already decided to do your laundry by yourself and since you frequently use your washing machine, it is important that you know how to clean washer to maintain its functionality.

Important tips on how to clean a washing machine

  • Remove the load first.


remove the load

When cleaning a washing machine, you have to take away the load first out of the machine. This will prevent your washer to have a stinky smell. Of course, this would transfer into your clothes if you won’t keep your washer empty every after use. The smell of used clothes will be stuck inside.

  • Do the cleaning of your washer regularly.

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If you want your washer to function the right way, even after years of use, then cleaning it once in a while is a good idea. There are various products that you can use for cleaning, which includes the following below. You have to assure that it is safe for the machine or else you will just cause damage to it. It is advisable that you use natural products rather than those you can buy from the market.

Some Cleaning Products for Washing Machines

cleaning products

* To reduce the effects of rust, using baking soda is suitable because of its alkaline content.

* Use lime juice to remove rust in your washer.

* Using vinegar can help you eliminate molds that can damage your washing machine if not eliminated right away.

  • Leave the door of your washer slightly open.

Leave  the door

If you keep your washer open after using it, then there would be a circulation of air that will easily dry out the moisture. Check the dispenser drawers and keep it free from water and fabric softener. You can also consider reading the manual of your washer so that you can have an idea on how you will clean it up the proper way.

  • Remove your pet’s hair with a vacuum.


It is just a usual thing to see the hair of your pet inside your washer. You have to let the hair dry first before you can remove it. It would be hard for you to get rid of this hair if it is still wet and you’ll just be wasting your time doing it. The door of your washer should be partly open so that the hair will easily dry out and that would be the time that you can take it away from your washing machine.

  • Clean the exterior part of your washer.


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After cleaning the inner part of your washing machine, it is also important that you clean the exterior as well. You can use a soft cloth to wipe it out instead of an abrasive material. This will keep your washer away from getting scratched.

  • Clean the hose filters.

These filters are located inside the inlet connections. If you failed to clean this part then there would be a problem with the flow of water in your washing machine. Debris and minerals are stored in your hose filters so you better check this part every now and then.


It is essential that you know how to clean your washing machine, especially for homeowners or mothers who often do the washing at home. Investing money for this equipment can be maximized if you know how to maintain its functioning.

No need for you to hire a service provider because with various procedures you can obtain online, you can clean your washer with less hassle. You can also prevent buying a new washing machine because even if you use it for several years. You can still have the assurance of its efficiency as long as you are patient enough to clean it from time to time.

What do you think are the best techniques for washing? Leave comments and share your thoughts.






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