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It is true what they say that not all aspiring writers become successful in their field. While it may be true that they have the best creative ideas in mind, the main problem here is that they might not have the creative writing ideas in mind. This is where a lot of aspiring writers would fail on.




creative writing ideas

There are different kinds of writers, actually. There are some who would merely “re-write” which means there is already, say, a famous movie about it and one has to make a book that will simply put into writing exactly what transpired in that movie. And then, that is where they make a book out of it. These are the copywriters. They just merely copy and write about it.

And then, there are the “creative writers”. These are the writers who write based on the idea that they have in mind. They wield their own thoughts and then they put it into action. That is how impressive these creative writers are.

How to be one?

Most writers or would be writers fall short on various downfalls of trying to become a better creative writer. These helpful guidelines and creative writing tips would help you fight off your writer’s block and continue on to becoming a much better writer.

  • Write.


Most would think it’s a cliché but this is where writer’s block starts. Most writers are just full of thinking that they forget about writing. Just… write and everything follows. You don’t have to be cruel to yourself. Forget about grammar and composition (Although surely, you should be one hell of an expert there!), just let those ideas be liquid.

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  • Read.


A writer can only be a good writer if he accepts his weakness that he only knows so much about everything. If a writer is fond of reading, then he will have lots of ideas and topics to write on. A successful writer is never arrogant of his knowledge. In fact, he hungers for more.

  • Love your drafts.


The best books ever written in history had ugly and erroneous drafts. Don’t be discouraged of them. It is just your blueprint to refining your article. In fact, don’t make a habit of throwing them to the bin. Keep them. Who knows, you might be able to conjure another great story from your “trash”.

  • Forget about word count. Deal with them later.


You will lose your writer’s inspiration if you start by getting all too technical. Forget about it being a 1000 word article, just create your story and deal with it later if your story will be a novel or just a short story. See, most writers would fail here. They are all technical but not heart. One should know that the key on how to improve writing skills is still – passion.

  • Go deeper.

Go Deeper

If at the end of the day, you just end up with a 2 page short story and you think it’s not spicy or catchy enough. Then, dig deeper. Let your imagination run this time.

  • Purge out your ugly writing.

Most writers start out poor on their words. This is good. It’s like turning on a water hose and the first thing that would come out is dirty water. So, let those “dirty water” words come out first and purge them all out.

  • Corroborate your writing.

Writing down ideas

If you plan to make a story, everything must have a cohesive plot and should not have any vagueness, even in its slightest tone.

  • Let it flow.

The stream of water flowing from the bottle.

Once you have made a steady and solid flow of plot for writing, and then just let all your writing juices flow. As mentioned, don’t over think and just do. There could be some great lines that you will be spilled there once you let all those creative juices out.

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  • Commit to writing.

Fountain pen writing the word commitment

Once it flows, make sure it you reach the end of that story. Middle writers can be a disappointment. Passion does not stop in mid sentence. It hurdles its way to the end and that should be how it should be done in creative writing too.

  • Start with it’s a story of someone who does something. And write from there.

high school student writing in classroom

If you just don’t know where to start, start with a story about someone who does something. This is why gossips are so interesting. They love to talk about other people. But this time, why not put into writing? This can be one of your great creative writing exercises as well.

What is that something that pushes you to write? Share your thoughts on this and maybe inspire other writers too.






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