Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day.

Happiness is an emotional state of being which promotes positivity, contentment, and joy. You may be famous, beautiful, or wealthy, but are these things necessary to give you real happiness? Happiness gives a person a good outlook in life, a favourable attitude and a pleasant aura.




Happiness covers your being as a whole and it includes our everyday feelings, current situation, relationships, health, work or our satisfaction as a person.

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Happiness roughly affects our decisions, reaction, and inner attitudes towards different circumstances as well and it is responsible for stimulating the things that really matter to our overall being.

In recent years, advanced science found new evidences to determinants that affect happiness and which way we can measure it. This evidence will help us to make better choices and increase our well-being in our personal lives. What makes people happy? What really affects happiness and what really matters to it?

  • Relationships

They say love makes the world go round, and in a way, it does. Relationship comprises love, trust and respect. And if you give more of it, you will get more of it and this makes a good relationship. Family, friends, loved ones and even your special someone plays a great role to accomplish true happiness. You should know about the details of what makes a good relationship.

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The family will give you the feeling of being loved and acknowledged. They will give you support in your every plan, action, and dreams without judgement. They are the people who will always understand, forgive, and love you without if’s and but’s.

Friends are vital for one’s social being too. You will gain self confidence and the feeling of being socially accepted. First, know how to be happy with yourself and spend most of your time making out with your family and make good friends!

  • Eye on your Goal

Find your strengths and do things you are very good at. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then learn strategies and techniques from the experts, get connected with them in any means, or utilize the power of social media to get in touch with them.

open your eyes

Feed your mind with healthy advices from people who are in the same ground, attend trainings and seminars that will help you find your strengths and make use of it. Keep yourself busy, but avoid the things that make you feel rushed.

You don’t need to be pressured! Know what you want, allow yourself to indulge in the things that will help you achieve your goal. Do more, not less.

  • Give and Actively Express Thankfulness

According to studies, those who always express their gratitude will increase connections and satisfaction for both parties, either you and your partner or you and any part of your family.

Giving presents

Expressing thankfulness indicates satisfaction in your life and it also results to positivity in your well being. If you give, you feel unselfish and that feeling lingers inside you, and you release more of positive energy in your surroundings.

Giving is also good for our health. Expert says that giving may improve our physical health and longevity because it decreases stress, which is associated with most of health problems. So give, give, and give, this will surely come back to you ten thousand fold.

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  • Success

They say success doesn’t always lead to happiness. I believe that most of us stand that if you are successful, it doesn’t mean you are happy, and I will definitely say yes it’s true. But have we ever thought that it is not considered as “success” if you are not happy? Not unless being happy isn’t listed on your goals in life and I bet everyone wants happiness for good.

Success can be personal or professional. You want someone to forgive you for awful things you’ve done, you made such efforts to win his trust again and you did, then it is considered as personal success.

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Oftentimes, we are more focused on professional success like being a CEO of a well known company, be famous like Steve Jobs, own a huge house and luxurious car, etc. Though these things really matter to us, it doesn’t really determine our happiness. Know how to be happy alone too without these things.

Happiness is intangible. So if want real happiness, let personal success come first and the others will follow.

Happiness comes when you try to look and appreciate things around you. It isn’t always about materialism. Everyone is entitled to chase for their happiness and happiness is really a choice. You, what really matters in your being? Leave a comment bout what you think is the best formula for happiness.






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