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If only there is a guarantee of a happy ending, then many people shouldn’t have shed their tears over a relationship that has come to an end. If only there are pain-free solutions when you fall in love, then no one should have been crying by now. Unfortunately, love is in itself complicated which makes it very difficult to understand as well. You love in the hope of becoming happy but you sometimes fail.




Having your heart broken by someone you really love is the worst feeling in this world. It feels like you have been betrayed by someone whom you thought the least who will inflict pain to you but then you are sadly mistaken because the one whom you treated as your everything is the one who made it happen and it hurts. It seems that the world is crushing on you.

Tips on how to get over a broken heart

  • Feel the pain:

Feel Pain

Do not deny anything. Cry everything that you have to cry. Do not waste any single moment trying to deny that you have broken up because it will not make your situation any better. Just accept the fact and feel the pain until it hurts no more.

There is no point in trying to escape from it. Why not try to face it? You can cry all night as long as you want to, it can help you a lot than trying to deny that it doesn’t hurt.

  • Pour all your emotions


Throw out everything that you have in your heart. Cry as long as you want until you feel that your eyes got exhausted and your heart feels no more pain because it got numb with what you are feeling. It hurts but you cannot do anything. Let go of that inner pain that you are feeling inside your heart.

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  • Throw all the things that are associated with your ex

through the ex

This may sound desperate but it is one of the best things that you should do to help yourself move on. If you want to forget someone, you should cut all things that connect you to him/her. You will find it very hard to forget that person when you can still see things that reminds you of him/her.

  • Do not attempt to communicate with your ex nor stalk him/her at social networking sites

You cannot easily get over your ex if there are still connection between the two of you. In as much as possible, cut the connection immediately. Leave his/her account alone and do not try dropping by at it.

  • Divert your attention

The process of healing a broken heart is a tough process. It requires your willingness to let go whatever it is that you are still holding on. Let go of everything that is causing too much weight in your heart and learn to focus your attention to something else.

Have fun and you will soon forget how the pain feels like and you will completely laugh about how stupid you have become during the first phase of your breakup.

Tips on how to deal with a broken heart


Everyone can have their heart broken. Going separately and choosing to end the relationship is one of the most common causes of a broken heart. But you have to accept it because it is a normal thing in a relationship. People come and go. However, there are ways on how you can deal with it.

  • Accept that it is over

You don’t want it but you have to face the reality that your end has come. Do not keep on holding on to something that no longer exist. The love don’t easily vanish but you have to try harder not to dwell on it for too long because it can destroy you if you do.

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  • Think of it as a new beginning

New life beginning

Be optimistic. Every ending has a new beginning. It might be the right time for you to change and fix yourself for the better.  Do not waste your time crying your heart out but think of something else to be productive.

Everyone is exposed to having their heart broken but it is up to a person on how to deal with it. Some think of it as the end of their world because they are blinded by their emotions but when you find yourself in this situation, try to be rational. What do you think will you do? Leave a comment and share steps you think will help a lot.






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