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The description of a bartender’s job goes beyond pouring drinks, and engaging with various clients. The same is also true with the receiving of tips and the like.  To sum up this up, it can be said that a bartender is a professional who does a lot of multitasking. It is not just about the list of drinks every bartender should know. The occupation encompasses lots of things.




The person needs to be a listener, mixologist, an entertainer, and as well as host. Maybe there are people out there who are asking how much does a bartender make, but these would all be brought up in the process of applying for a job.

The Real Responsibilities

Friends at bar

Basically, a bartender is expected to be knowledgeable with various brandy mixed drinks. They are not just these, but at some point, they will also be salesmen. In order for the sales to keep coming, bartenders would most likely need to learn about the factors of mixing. What else must be possessed by those who want to be one?

  • Throughout the whole process, it is needed for the person to keep an eye on the clients of the bar. Most bartenders have the responsibility to identify if the customers are becoming tipsy already or not. There must be measures in order for the mentioned to be prevented. This will avoid one from becoming intoxicated.
  • Aside from learning brandy mixed drinks, the individual must be skilled towards dealing with people. This is necessary considering that individuals with various personalities will be coming along the place all the time.
  • Entertainment value is also a must. This is required too because customers go for the best alcoholic drinks. However, they also go out in order to have fun. Bartenders must add up to that fun before anything else.
  • There are instances when the bartender is also asked to be responsible in the checking of IDs. This is necessary to know if they are really in their right age. Remember that there are minors out there who fake IDs and so the hired one must have an eye for these pretenders.

teenagers at bar

Teenagers who seek liquor must be able to reach great lengths. This is one of the ways in order for them to obtain what they want. If this will not be prevented, and then the bartender will be the one held responsible and accountable for this. Minors are not supposed to be served with different alcoholic beverages. Checking on the customers is a must in this juncture.

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  • Apart from the fact that the whole job would require the pouring of drinks and the like, there is also a need to learn how to listen to the whole thing. Bartenders have to be good listeners on themselves alone. This skill should always be given emphasis. This might sound like a bit of a cliché but this is the reality. This is true and even psychologists will definitely agree. There are so many individuals out there who go to bars in order for them to drink their problems and miseries away. There might be a possibility for this situation to escalate badly if it is not controlled.
  • Of course, it is also a given that bartenders have the proper knowledge. No one will ever succeed without having this. It is the job of the person to know about various drinks, bar techniques, spirits and the like. What if the customer orders Bloody Mary or Canter Y Tres? It would be miserable to be clueless about all of these. Knowing what has to be drank is just too crucial. Bar schools are everywhere. There are also courses out there which can be enrolled at.

Cocktail Making and Bartending

Cocktail Making

The reality is that some bars out there would require the need for entertainment. But those who are interested in showing the aspect of bartending must not fail to attend a course related to that of flair bartending. It is also an addition to learn the basics of making cocktails. This might require a certain set of skills, and these will not be acquired without the existence of the right education. This is the truth about this. Do not even be scared because there is proof that the investment to pay off. Working in various sophisticated places is a once in a lifetime chance for everyone and you can take advantage of it.

Bartenders have to prepare all the time. They have to set up how it will be like for the night. It will help to realize these things before anything else.






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