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Halloween is the time of the year that a majority of us, especially kids and kids at heart, wait for all year long—aside from Christmas that is. The infamous “trick or treat” echoes all through the night of the 31st of October. Everywhere you look there are people who wear costumes that are store bought or handmade and mostly improvised. It literally and hypothetically rains candy and chocolates during this day.




Halloween poster with zombie background. EPS 8

This is also the season to spend some quality time with the family, creating indoor and outdoor decorations for the occasion. Halloween arts and crafts have always been an activity that children tend to enjoy before they avert their attention to other things, such as their cartoons and games. Simple Halloween crafts for kids can become an outlet for them, expressing themselves through multi-coloured materials. Letting their imagination flow can help them be happier.

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Halloween Craft Ideas

  • Costumes

Halloween group of children girls costumes

This is the month which children can be whoever they want to be, to be more specific, they can be any monster or character they want to be. Helping them create their costumes can be a fun activity and shows your support in their decisions. They can be a ghost, zombie, a Disney princess, or a pirate. Be cautious if their ideas become too radical or over the top.

  • Baking

Decorated Halloween Cupcakes on White

Making treats has always been a hit with children because they will create something that they can eat after. Making cupcakes, cookies, or even cakes will help them learn to be careful with the equipment they will use and help them develop patience. Letting them decorate the pieces is also a plus, but it’s a given that they will create a mess. Also, be the one to measure the sugar to be put in.

  • Carving the pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin

This requires you to be the only one who can handle the knife, though there are safety knives you can buy if your children are determined to do the carving themselves. The month of October will never be complete without the Jack o lantern. After carving the pumpkin, you can display this item to show them how proud you of them, sort of like posting one of their drawings on the fridge.

  • Pouches or candy bags

Happy Halloween candy in trick or treat carry cauldrons with wit

Easy Halloween crafts don’t get any easier than this. Using sturdy construction paper or cloth, you can teach them how to make a simple candy carrier for them to bring when they go on a trick or treating rampage around the neighbourhood. Telling them to put their name on the bag is also a clever thought to avoid mixing up the bag if your children have similar designs to their pouches.

  • Decorations

collage with halloween decorations

This is the cheapest way to decorate your home, letting your spouse make them. But all kidding aside, this will put those stored up imagination out. Even if the end product doesn’t look similar to the creature they had in mind, they tried and that’s all that matters. Encouraging them more by actually using them around your home, and that’s good parenting.

  • Cards

Set of four Halloween cards

Asking them to make cards and sharing them to their friends can make a difference for the people who will receive them. Providing them with glue, glitters, safety scissors, pens, colouring materials, and paper will keep them behaved for a few hours or so. It’s a relaxing and inspiring feeling watching children write things for their friends and family.

  • Paper-Mache

This activity can result to them making a mess on the table, gluing together their hair, or using the toilet paper for mummifying their siblings in the process. They can mould this sticky dough into inventive animals or creatures of the dark, then letting the tissue harden before they can add some colour and embellishments. You can even keep their clever figurines as new toys for them to play with after the eventful month.

paper-mache mask

But even if you don’t have kids, these can be fun activities for you younger siblings and family members. You can even do them with your friends as a form of celebrating the season of spookiness. Also, these suggestions aren’t only limited to this special event; you can still do similar crafts for the different themes of different celebrations. Tweaking some of the colour schemes and symbols to be used for other occasions is an idea.

Have fun and let the inner child in you shine. We have all enjoyed spending countless hours making things that can be considered as a messy work of art when we were young. Making our parents proud that we had a vivid imagination and liking how they complement our products of innovation. Leave a comment of what arts and crafts activities you’ve enjoyed when you were a kid or that your kids have enjoyed.






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