If you know how to work out, for sure you know that that working out needs you to have no heavy amounts of food in your body because that can provide you a bad condition for your body. Many people tend to eat before exercise since they’re tired, and having some good food will keep them more energetic throughout the day.

Weight loss

It might not be wise to eat before you go working out especially if you’re in a diet, but take note that there are some foods that are not just meant to give you a good, satisfying feeling of eating, but will also give you the right nutrients that you need before working out. That’s right, there are some foods that are known to be really perfect for more energy and strength especially during exercise.

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These foods will not give you additional weight because these have the right calories that are perfect for a diet. If you just love to eat, but you already want to work out, and if you’re just planning to go on a work out, then be sure to give yourself some more healthy benefits and not just the best songs to workout to before you go exercising by taking one of these five healthy foods:

  • Bananas

bananas isolated on white background

Let’s start off with the number one food that’s perfect before you go to your back workout routine or whatever you would love to do for exercising. Bananas are known to be the best food to take before and after working out because it has lots of digestible carbohydrates that can fuel up your body, plus it also has potassium that’s good for your muscles to work out for some more.




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