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Blogs provide one of the best possible methods to increase the page ranking of your website. While there are several platforms offering this option, none of them can boast of the ease of use that WordPress provides. If this is not enough, a wide variety of third party plugins, that make tasks like adding content, images, new pages, keeping track of visitors, and much more that WordPress provides. Add to this a user friendly interface, and it becomes easy to understand why this blogging platform is so popular amongst webmasters.




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It is time that you too made use of this powerful software to increase the popularity of your website. Like most new users, you too might be wondering if there is any need to search for the cheapest WordPress hosting plan, when offers the same free.

The benefits of opting for is that you have the freedom of using the theme of your choice, have the ability to include fancy jQuery elements, and even change the core PHP. Apart from this, you can also install time saving third party plugins and have the option of using your own domain. Why opt for when you can get the WordPress option under your own domain by paying a bit more?

Selecting a suitable web host

Before purchasing the services of a web host, check if they offer WordPress as a part of the deal. You will be surprised to know that most popular web hosting companies include this option free. Therefore, there is no need for you to hunt around for cheap web hosting WordPress offers. Most Linux based hosts give you an option to test a demo version of their control panel (cPanel). You can use it to check how easy it is to use that GUI (graphical user interface) and how quickly you can use it to install and configure the WordPress script.



There are several options you should consider when searching for WordPress hosting cheap. Check if the host offers you a shared server instead of a dedicated one. It is extremely important to opt for the latter, especially if you plan to set up an e-commerce website. This vastly reduces the chances of your website being hacked.

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Check the number of templates

It is a wise idea to check the number of WordPress templates offered by the hosting company. Check if their personnel will help you to edit and configure this software without any extra charge. While this software is easy to setup and use, editing the template requires a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The options provided by WordPress are unlimited. You can add widgets to link your blog with other services such as Google Maps, your Twitter feed, and much more. Apart from this, you will also find thousands of WordPress plugins that help to automate your task.

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Check the amount of disk space offered by the host along with the bandwidth they offer. This is important if you plan to use your blog to promote and sell software or other digital goods like songs, stock graphics, and movies. This will eat up lots of bandwidth, especially if promote popular stuff and visitors download the same on a regular basis.

Other things that you should check

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You should check the downtime of the server. Do not go for a cheap WordPress hosting plan if the host does not guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. Remember, you might end up losing potential clients if they try to visit your website and find that it is down. You should also check if the resources offered by the host are sufficient for hosting your blog. If necessary, check their testimonial page, get in touch with a few of their clients, and ask them about their experience with that hosting client. This is necessary because certain companies publish false reviews, despite the fact that this is unfair business practice.

Fees and hosts

Hosting word and Servers

Instead of searching for the cheapest WordPress hosting services available, make a list of a few reliable hosts and then find out which one offers you the best value for your money. While there are many reliable web hosts such as Wpengine, HostGator, FatCow, GoDaddy, Bluehost etc.,, the company that powers the WordPress platform, would be the ideal choice for hosting your blog. You should also check the money back policy of the host, the disk space & bandwidth, the level of security implemented by them, and if they offer customer support 24 x 7 before signing on the dotted line.






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