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A majority of us have already tried getting so drunk that we don’t remember what happened the night before at all. Though it is not advisable to actually drink to your heart’s content, it’s still best to moderate your alcohol intake. If you really can’t get away with not drinking when out with your friends, but you have an appointment early in the morning there are ways to get sober fast.




This process is also not advisable to do every time you get drunk. If you want to not get drunk, then don’t drink at all. Did you ever wonder about how long it takes to get sober? Alcohol takes hours to leave your system even after you have already stopped drinking. To answer that question, it takes a long time, that’s why you feel hung over even after you ‘slept it off’.

Tips on how to get sober fast

Stop Drinking

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  1. Stop drinking when you already feel tipsy. And by stop that means actually not exchanging that liquor for beer. Beer still has alcohol content even if it is fairly low. It is ideal to stop early so that you can sober up early.
  2. Induce vomiting when you already feel physically ill or when someone else seems to have alcohol poisoning. This is done by inserting two of your fingers into your mouth and reaching the back of your throat. Be sure to keep the person’s head down to prevent choking.
  3. Eating. Food can help absorb some of the alcohol in your stomach and reduce the feeling of nausea. Eat food that is loaded with carbs and not oil.
  4. Drink a generous amount of water. Dehydration can be an effect of alcohol intake. Ideally, the ratio is that every time you drink liquor or in every shot you should drink a cup of water. This can help replenish your body’s fluids and reduce the chances of a hangover.
  5. Have a cup of coffee or any drink that has caffeine in it. This doesn’t particularly sober you up, but it would counteract the sleepiness you get when drunk. Keep in mind that consuming both coffee and alcohol will dehydrate you, remember to drink water.
  6. A cold shower has its benefits. Do not take this step if you feel like you have alcohol poisoning or in the process of vomiting. You already have a low body temperature, do not make it worse.

Drinks water alot

There are still other ways to get sober fast, but these are a few of them that can be easily done. If you really are hammered, it its best to sleep it off and endure the hangover. Take some painkillers and eat some breakfast so you don’t look too ill.


Eat a heavy meal

Once you are sober, you still have to keep it that way for the rest of the day. Take some time off from drinking to let your body recover. There is no easy solution to ‘how to stay sober’ but there are preventative measures you can take before another night of alcohol drinking.

  1. Eat a heavy meal before you start drinking. Having an empty stomach will increase the speed of getting drunk. Load up on carbs because this food group is good at absorbing alcohol.
  2. Responsible drinking. Moderate your intake, if you feel like one more shot or one more glass will be your breaking point, it’s better to stop. Start drinking water.
  3. Drink a lot of water. As mentioned previously, you can get severely dehydrated while drinking. Always drink a cup of water before going to bed.

There are no shortcuts to anything. Being permanently sober means you have to stop getting wasted on a nightly basis. If you’re the ‘sober’ one in your group, keep these things in mind whenever you go out with your friends—they might need it.

If you think you have a drinking problem, seek professional help. Going to alcohol management groups or sharing groups to help encourage you to change your lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you have a problem. It’s a bad thing to let alcohol or other substances consume you.


An important thing to remember (if you can) is that you shouldn’t try to sober up so you can drive home. It is illegal to drive while under the influence. Hire a cab or ask a friend who you know isn’t drunk or did not drink at all to take you home. It is better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

So have you tried these steps to sober up? Which one do you most likely recommend? Do leave a comment.






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