A positive attitude can really make dreams come true.

Breaking bad habits is one of the best things that you might love to do especially if you’re planning to have a change of life that you see as better than the usual things that you do. It’s a well known fact that these habits are known to be very comfortable, and it can make you feel satisfied. Bad habits are known to be a must to erase in one’s system.




Take note that this satisfaction will never end each day, and you will crave it until your life gets ruined. It’s because vices are just there to provide you some temporary feeling of greatness and satisfaction, but take note that once the feeling subsides, you will just look for it, and once you snap out of it, for sure you will realize that you’re just messing up your own life.

There are ways for you to change your lifestyle for the best for your life, and all you need to do first is to expect less before you ask how long does it take to break a habit. If you really want to have a change of pace in your own habits, then you came to the right place as things will be better for you starting this day, and here are the steps:

Think Well of Your Actions


It’s true that you might be the person that enjoyed smoking some pot or you’re the type of person that see alcohol as your best companion in your life whenever you’re troubled. But always remember that these are not your companions when you have trouble, but rather a good way to unwind after something that’s productive only.

So make sure that you think well about the things that you’re doing and do some self reflection without any pride so that you can finally open up your mind towards something that’s way better than these useless habits that you keep on doing.

Think of a Commitment


Commitments are known to be the best ways for you to control yourself, and this can make you feel more motivated towards something. There are lots of commitments that you can check out so that you can divert your attention against these bad habits, and there are lots of ways for you to do it. Just make sure that you’re prepared once you plan for these in order for things to be better.

One good way for you to commit on something is by going to the gym or by earning for travels so that you will never think about your addiction and those habits that can make you flat-broke.

Change your Actions

Action Changes

If you see that your habits are starting to get worse, then think about the things that you do every day. Do you see your work as boring already which is why you resort to these things? Do you feel like you had enough of these things, but you can’t do anything else but this because of “what ifs” in your life’s scenarios? Then stop thinking about these and do something different.

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The world is always open for people, and sometimes, just pure logical thinking is useless as there are negatives involved in it. Try to be creative in the things that you do, and you might find a new passion that can shape your life to the best rather than messing you up with your own actions.

Stop Blaming people

stop blaming

One well known reason why you keep on doing your bad habits is because you keep blaming people because of your problems. Some people kept on drinking already because someone stole their reputations, or maybe their women broke up with them; not taking note that you are one reason why you have a problem already.

It’s a well known fact that most of our problems are the cause of our actions, and it’s not good to blame people about it. So all you need to do is to just move on, and start learning more on how to break bad habits so that you can finally do better in your own life!

These are known to be the most basic ways that you can always do on how to break a habit. Take note that if you weren’t able to break your bad habits with these, then for sure you have a problem in your mind, and that’s your pride only! So if you want to have a better life ahead, you can leave a comment and we can help you out further.






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