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Interview is important if you want to know something from a person. It is the time when you are given the chance to ask the interviews stuffs that you want to know. Whether it is for the purpose of hiring or you just want to get information, it is important that you prepare for an interview so that you will have a smooth conversation and you get what you want in the end.





  • Identify your purpose to know how to interview someone

How to interview

Interviews have different reasons why it is conducted. Be sure that you know why you have conducted that interview. Interviews can be for job hiring purposes or for extracting pieces of information from a person for another purpose. It is important to know this first so that you will be guided about the questions that you have to ask and you will not go beyond.

  • Plan it ahead of time

Plan Ahead

Before you place someone on the hot seat, be sure that you have prepared beforehand particularly about the questions that you will throw so that the time that is allotted will be consumed very well with a corresponding satisfaction after. Nothing is more important than making a plan. In as much as possible, do not come at an interview unprepared because that will only become a waste of time.

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Interview Proper

  • Create a good impression

good impression

One way to establish the interview very well is to create an impression that you are a person who is very good at it to earn respect. But the way that you should act in front of your interview will go back to the purpose why you want to conduct an interview. There has to be a harmony between the two.

  • Observe proper mannerism


When you are to begin the interview, you should not display disturbing mannerism for it can affect how your interviewee behaves. Not all who are being interviewed are confident enough. As much as possible, try to be natural so that you cannot intimidate your interview. There are people who are not very good at manipulating how they are seen by others. Instead of helping the interviewee, they seem to scare them.

  • Show interest

show interest

You should know how to conduct an interview and to make the conversation flow smoothly in order to generate a good atmosphere so it won’t become a boring one, always show interest that you wanted to know something about them. Always look at them in the eye to draw a connection between you. Do not create an impression that you are not enjoying the conversation that you have.

  • Take down notes

take down notes

Unless the interview is recorded, it is better if you take down notes. This is for you to make a review of what you have talked about. Not taking down notes will only result to forgetting points that you have asked because for sure you cannot always remember everything that you asked and the answers that you get right from the very start of the conversation until the end.

  • Let the interviewee talk

interview talk

Let the interviewee talk. Don’t talk too much. Ask the question and then listen. Listening to what they have to say is the most important thing that you should do so that they will see your attentiveness and it will make them think that they are important and they are not only there for appearance only or something.

How to end the interview?

end the interview

If you know how to interview well, you should also know how to end the conversation or at least give a signal that it is about to end or something. Do not leave the conversation hanging. This is to leave a good impression towards the end. Before deciding to end the interview, ask yourself first if you already get everything that you want to know or if all your questions are answered.

  • Say thank you

thank you

Nothing is more important than showing your interviewee that you value their time and their presence. This little gesture will mean a lot to them as well because it will make them think that they are given importance. Be courteous at all times.

Follow these simple tips to make the most of the interview that you are going to conduct in the future. You can also leave a comment about what you think about these tips whether it helped you or not. You can also express your thoughts to add additional information on this article that will be helpful for everyone who will read this.






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