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Improving ones vocabulary is very important for people who are dealing with technical stuff and students. This is also very important for many people since they would not have their dictionary ready all the time. For students, a large range of vocabulary will allow them to go over a lot of things in their subjects. This is especially true for college students who are into law and literature, since they would have to deal with the most unusual words found in the planet.





The only thing that can be done is to improve the vocabulary; how to improve your vocabulary in an easy way is the problem. The truth is, there is nothing easy, but we can make it easy by doing the thing little by little until we achieve a certain level that there are really few words that we do not know.

Improving the Vocabulary

Here are some tips on how to expand your vocabulary bit by bit every single day. These things should be followed like they are the law if you really want to improve in a shorter span of time. Just remember that there are so many other techniques that are found in the internet and you can definitely check them out. These are just few.


  1. A handy dictionary – if you are a person who keeps on encountering unusual words every day, then this will help improve vocabulary. Once you encounter something, you can just check them out in the dictionary. One good way to master the twists and turns of that word is to use it in several sentences. Today, you don’t have to carry a dictionary anymore, just download a dictionary app from the net and save it on your phone and you are good to go.
  2. A Word a Day Technique – this is a very simple practice that can be done every day. Get an old school dictionary and choose a random page and choose a random word. If the word is too easy then do it all over again. Use this word in some sentences and try to apply them in some occasion in order to master it. You can also keep a list of words that are commonly used in technical and literary articles to give you some kind of reference. This will definitely answer the question on how to improve vocabulary
  3. Play Word Games – this vocabulary improvement process will not just give you some lessons. It will also allow you to enjoy. On top of that, it will also practice your critical thinking.


  • Scrabble is one of the classic word games that will improve your knowledge of words and their meanings without a hassle. It will train you to look for some words no matter how weird or unusual they may seem. Add some consequences to the losing team to force you to work harder. This will not just train your vocabulary, but your friends as well. This can be done on the weekends and try to treat it like a competition; the one with the most wins can get a reward and the one with the least will get a consequence.
  • Crossword puzzles are word games that will allow you to practice on your own. This is very beneficial since the game will include the meaning of the words. By trying to understand each of them, you will also have the chance to improve other skills like critical thinking and response time.


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The last tip is common but is the most effective – read. This is the time when you apply all the things that you have learned in the quest for new and unusual words. This will also help you bit by bit in mastering the new words that you have learned. You can also read while taking the road to a wider vocabulary since you will be able to check out new words that you might encounter in the book. It doesn’t matter what you are reading, as long as you read, it will help you become better. There are so many benefits of reading and the only thing that we can do to cherish those benefits is to understand what we are reading. We cannot do that without a rich and powerful source of good vocabulary.

Learning the meaning of a word or two is made easy if you follow some simple tips and techniques. If you think that the abovementioned techniques are not enough, you can feel free to add more.






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