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Here are some quick and easy tips in order to build your muscles and go about bodybuilding (or even body sculpting) in less than 800 words. If you’re a fat guy who wishes to lose weight or a skinny guy who wants to gain as much muscle on your frame as possible (so much so you could be called Superman), then you must do certain things and change certain aspects of your lifestyle in order to fully supercharge your muscle-building capabilities.




If you want to know how to gain muscle, keep on reading. The key to getting rock-hard muscle mass that will have all the ladies swooning without you becoming a gym rat of sorts involves discipline most of all. In order for you to pump yourself up, patience is the key to ensuring a real bodybuilder look. In particular, you should look into getting some progressive overload in your system.

Progressive Overload

No Pain No Gain

This is your surefire method of building a rock-solid and strong body as fast as possible without having to resort to chemical substances. You should increase your weight training exponentially every time to break your body down and build it up again over and over. The best way to build muscle is to punish your body and become amazed at how well it’s able to adapt to the punishment the more you break it down.

Muscle definition is actually your body’s way of recovering and adapting to a brutal lifestyle full of physical exertion and breaking through your limits every time. The more you load and the more you adapt to that load, the more ripped you’ll become. Keep up the pressure and never forget to recover from a hard day’s work to allow your body to process the physical exertion and translate it to huge muscular gains.

Muscular Stimulation Should Be Consistent


Stimulation is the main thing muscles respond to while lack of stimulation is in turn the fastest, surest way to make sure they atrophy and die. You should increase the load every time because consistency equals stagnancy in the world of bodybuilding. The fastest way to build muscle is to escalate your workouts. Once you’ve reached a certain level, you need harder challenges to make your present muscles grow even bigger.

Your muscles will stay the same if you’re lifting the same amount of loads every time. You have to increase the loads to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of resistance to your every improvement. You can’t stay on the same level and expect to gain muscle mass. It doesn’t work that way. Don’t be a big fish in a small pond. The only way to get bigger is to eat bigger fish or take on harder workouts after you get used to one workout.

Eat Loads but Workout Loads

Eat Loads

In order to work out a lot, you need calories to burn, and those calories is found in loads of food, which means for overweight people, you may have to eat more to keep up with your overloaded workout. To lose weight, you eat more, but with the caveat that you’re eating to fuel your workouts and not just eating for the sake of eating. For skinny people, this is a bit tougher, especially if they’re naturally skinny.

The path of least resistance from going flab to fab is actually to be used to eating a lot first and then getting used to working out a lot to balance the calorie and carb overload. With skinny people who eat as much as a bird would, you need to get used to both working out loads and eating more than you’d normally eat. Even if you do eat a lot, your metabolism might get in the way of everything.

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Specific Sets and Reps

Sets and Reps

Your aim is to get reps from 8 to 12 and with the number of sets with that amount of reps from 1 to 3. If you’re able to do more than this, then you need bigger weights. Once you get the hang of it to the point that the heavier weights now feel lighter in your hands, you can shift to higher weights. You should go higher and higher with the same amount of reps.

If you’re doing less of the reps, then the weights are too much for you and you should find ways to incrementally increase your challenge so that you can handle those bigger weights soon enough. Remember, before you can run and leap, you need first to know how to crawl and walk. Don’t put the carriage before the horse.






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