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Are you trying to conceive with your partner? Do you want to have a baby now? If you have been trying for quite some time and there are still no fruitful result out of it, maybe it is now the time for you to consider knowing and getting started with few tips you can make use in order to get pregnant successfully.




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Probably, there are things that you are doing wrong which causes for your pregnancy to be delayed and this is not the right time for you to correct those. Feel free to check the different tips on getting pregnant below:

Tip # 1: Set Doctor’s Appointment

Doctors Appointment

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Before you totally think of the best ways to get pregnant, make sure that you will spend time in setting an appointment with your doctor and would consider having a general check up with you and your partner’s health. This is really important and could help you in having better idea on the things you have to do later on.

Tip # 2: Understand Your Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Fertility Chart

Also, you have to make sure that you are going to understand how your menstrual cycle goes. The possible ovulation period of your body is important for you to know and understand to have better idea when could be the right time for you to have sex with your partner.

Tip # 3: Don’t Think About Sexual Positions


There are some people that would say that sexual positions could help you in conceiving easily but you don’t have to think and spend a lot of time just for this. Just be comfortable with your partner, do your usual routines and that could already be the best tips for getting pregnant.

Tip # 4: Feet in the Air after Intercourse

couple has fun in bed

Probably, you have already heard about people telling you to set and have your feet in the air after having an intercourse with your partner. This is commonly recommended to most women out there to make sure that the sperm cells would have the right way inside their uterus and meet the egg cells for ovulation.

Tip # 5: Don’t Be Too Active

Pregnant Woman in Park

Even though having sex is the basic way of getting pregnant, doing it regularly and almost every day might tire you out which could really be a reason on why you would not be able to conceive the baby that you want.

Tip # 6: Don’t Stress Yourself

dont stress message illustration design

Make sure that you are not also going to stress yourself. Too much stress might greatly affect the condition of your body, making it tired and wasted. This could also the main reason of being out of focus while having sex and you would not want to have more problems because of this.  It would be better to do the following below:

  • Avoid over thinking of your problems
  • Have enough sleep
  • Find good hobbies and entertainment

Tip # 7: Have a Proper Diet

Proper Diet

A healthy and proper diet is also greatly important when it comes to getting pregnant. Even before you determine when to get pregnant, make sure that you are healthy enough and following a proper diet that would not just keep you fit but your possible baby as well.

Tip # 8: Take 400mcg Folic Acid


Attractive pregnant female taking a pill while sitting on a bed

All women, who are trying to conceive needs to take 400mcg folic acid per day, this vitamin helps for you to develop the brain and the body of your baby. This is also a good investment that you can consider in order to be assured that you are going to have the healthiest baby out there.

So, when you visit your doctor, make sure to get their prescription and buy folic acid in the market. It is also recommended to follow doctor’s prescription carefully.

Tip # 9: Say No to Smoking


One of the most common reasons on why women are having a hard time in getting pregnant is that they are smoking. So, if you want to conceive now, consider quitting your smoking activities and prepare for the life you want to create.

Tip # 10: Cut the Alcohol

Pregnancy - pregnant woman health care

Lastly, you should also cut the intake of alcohol. This could make your cells die even it is not yet coming out and released in your body so better stop as early as now.

If you do have other tips in your mind that was able to help you in getting pregnant or if you have questions for what is mentioned above, please do leave us a comment and let us know more about it.






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