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Vacation is one of the best things that can happen to a person’s life. But planning it can be quite daunting. You need to think of a place where you want to spend your vacation as well as the things you need to pack. Good thing there are travel guidebooks that will help you choose the best place for spending a vacation.




The great thing about travel guides is that they do not only give you places where you can spend your vacation. They also provide you international travel tips on how you can spend your holidays on a particular location.  No wonder why many tourists look for the best travel guides to find the best place for spending your holidays.

There are lots of travel guidebooks that you can buy on a bookstore. But some of them aren’t updated yearly. If you want to get the latest version of the book, you need to check if there is a date printed on its cover. Getting the latest version of the travel guidebook will greatly help you decide which place you should go.

But if you don’t like to further and you want to get the best travel books, then you should look no further as I will give you the best travel books that you should look out for before travelling. Some of these books are listed below:

  • Lonely Planet

Travel Planet

One of the best time travel books that you can buy is the Lonely Planet. It is considered as the worldwide standard for travelers. The book covers the best tourist destinations in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It also gives you travel tips that you can follow to enjoy your vacation in a place where you want to spend your holidays.

  • Rough Guides

family travels

Another travel guide series that you should look out for is the Rough Guides. The series is written for tourists who want to spend their vacation in Europe. The only downside of this book is the hotel listings. But the descriptions as well as its tips will take you to the places which are being described in this book by using your imagination.

  • Let’s Go

lets go travel

Let’s Go volumes are written by Harvard students. This time travel guide is best for youth and tight budget travelers. The book will give you the most affordable places where and how you can spend your holiday with your friends.

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  • Frommer’s Guides

Frommer Guide

Frommer’s Guides is written by none other than Arthur Frommer. His books can also be read online. The purpose of this book is to help older travelers choose the best places where they can relax and enjoy their vacation.

  • Eyewitness Travel

Eyewitness Guide

It is an elegant visual stunning guide that offers vivid and vibrant pictures of the places that you can go to. But the descriptions of this travel guide series are insufficient. It’s because the book is meant for visual learners and for those who are just planning their trip.

  • Michelin Green Guides

travel green guide


This travel book is considered as the hotel and restaurant aficionado’s bible. It is published by Michelin Green. The book does not only have pictures of the places that they described, but also its history as well as the culture of the place. It also has a map that guides you on how to get reach that certain area.

  • Blue Guides

Blue Guides

Blue Guides is a travel series for those who want to visit Greece.  It is perfect for scholars who want to travel the different places in Greece. The book depicts the history, culture, architecture and arts of each tourist spot that you can visit. You can go to each destination without a help of an actual travel guide.

  • Cadogan Guides

Travel Guides

Another travel guidebook that you should read is Cadogan Guides series. It is just like the previous guidebook. The only difference is that it is aimed for typical travelers. It is a perfect tool for light reading or for those who are planning for a vacation but cannot decide where to go.

  • Time Out


Time Out travel guide is perfect for youth generation who want to take a break after a whole year of studying. This book focuses on the different places in Europe. It describes each place as well as the things that you can do once you are there.

These are just some of the finest guidebooks for travelling. Go buy these books and decide which place you want to spend your vacation with your family and friends.






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