So, What Makes an Effective Leader – 6 Leadership Qualities

Leadership is something that can be considered innate in every person. This is because everyone has the ability to lead other people. The only difference is that there are few people who have developed their leadership skills into its full potential.


Many people think highly of leadership, but the question is why. This is because the leadership skills of your boss, you team leader, your president will be the deciding factor whether the team will work in its proper order. This does not meant that the leader will get all the credit. This means that the leader will be the person who will bring out that certain attitude in the team that will make everyone work together and achieve a certain goal. It is also the leader’s downfall if this will not happen or if anything bad will happen.

Diagram of leadership qualities


Training someone to be a leader is not an easy task. It is not something that can be taught inside a classroom wherein the theories are given and left for the student to practice like a mathematical formula that can be perfected in one shot. Leadership does not have a formula; it is pure human intelligence and intuition. It takes time to be a leader and it takes a lot of patience and understanding but it is never impossible. Here are some qualities that will make anyone a good leader over time.

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