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There are many people who like to read news but there are also those who like to focus on entertainment news. They like to read about what is happening to the celebrities and the stars. These may be trivial matters such as where an actress went to get their groceries or the really big news such as those who got an award and the likes. They may be into the latest entertainment news or the more serious stuff but still they devour all the information that they can get. It is a good thing that those who are considered as Hollywood news junkies already have many available resources.




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So why are people obsessed with entertainment news today?

  • To see what celebrities are like in their non-working days

In the past, those who would like to know about more about what is happening in show business or the entertainment sector would have to buy magazines which can be quite costly at times or they might have to  subscribe to a newspaper or tabloid that has an entertainment section. That is not the case anymore these days. The advent of the latest in technology means that they can now have access to these types of news by checking out the various websites in the internet.

The internet is now the most often source of this latest breaking news Hollywood news items. There are websites that are dedicated to these types of information. There are also photos and captions about the most recent achievements and exploits of those in the entertainment industry. There might even be some controversies and scandals involved but there are also tributes to the lives and accomplishments of some of these stars and celebrities. It gives the readers or the viewers a vicarious thrill and experience.

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Celebrities are larger than life and the kind of lives that they lead are something that many people aspire to have. That is why maybe their lives are also the ones that provided a lot of entertainment to many especially those who might be considered as  breaking entertainment news junkies. These are those who get their news not from the newspapers but from tabloids and magazines. They are those who might know about the lives and activities of the celebrities more than they know about the leaders of their own countries. Whatever the reason is, we cannot deny that the lives of the famous are interesting.

  • For everyday celebrity sightings

The celebrities have often been the focus of the many news items that are churned out from the various media outlets in the country. When though celebrities hog the headlines or even attract the media? People are quite interested in the celebrity sightings and that is also why the media try to provide the same things. There are not just articles but also photos of celebrities. These materials might include those of some trivial items such as those of these famous people buying something from the grocery to some drunken situations in the clubs or bars even some uncompromising scenes.


One of the most attended and most covered events though would be the various awards ceremonies that are held annually. These are the times when celebrities go to attend and be seen. The preparations that they make would be monumental since they would even prepare several dresses and the likes for it. Whatever they do then would be flashed all over the world live.

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  • To know what’s good and bad in their favorite celebs

Gossip is often thought of as negative such as when the scandals and controversies about people and events would come out. There would news items about who fought with whom, who got drunk and made a scene in the various clubs and the likes. There are also those of hook ups and even of some pictures of some celebrities caught in compromising scenes or to a lesser degree in an embarrassing situation. There are issues regarding illegal drugs and so many other unsavoury pieces of information that may come out. But then again these are not the totality of what happens in Hollywood.

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There are also many good things about Hollywood. There are also news items regarding the many accomplishments of people who made good in the entertainment industry.  There are also those who struggled against the odds and have come out triumphant and quite successful. There are also people who served as inspiration to others. It is possible that these kinds of news may be overshadowed by the negative ones but it does not mean that these are not as important as the others.

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