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PowerPoint Presentation is one of the most used applications especially in schools and offices. It plays a big role for an easy understanding of reports and discussions. Because of its promising features in terms of the effects, audio, and designs, PowerPoint became a necessity for office workers, teachers, professors, and students.




If you are hoping for more attractive yet simple and effective powerpoint presentations, then you are perhaps found the right article for you! Below are the listed tips and pieces of advice that can help you out to make your presentation even wholesome through choosing the most appropriate PowerPoint templates.

Powerpoint Templates

Choose a cool PowerPoint template

  • First and foremost, you must always put yourself in the shoe of others to deal with the right things when you do a PowerPoint presentation. Choose cool powerpoint templates that are not an ache to the eyes of your audience. There must be a high contrast between the background and the text or the other way around. This is for you to be assured that your audience can read it clearly and comfortably.
  • There are several websites that offer a good and free powerpoint backgrounds that can surely satisfy this tip.

Avoid a boring presentation

Boring Presentation

  • Sprinkle humor on your report. Reports are not necessarily need to be very serious because it actually makes your presentation boring which means the audience not to pay attention. Boring presentation will gives your audience the idea to sleep and not care.
  • Occasionally add pictures between the text slides to avoid monotony. This can relax the eye of the audience and give them a deeper idea about your topic.
  • You can also bring some props if necessary.
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Choose the appropriate font

appropriate font

  • You are advised to choose text font as large as possible (but not too much). This can catch the attention of your audience hence giving a notice to your report. But see to it that you use a simpler text style so that your report may look more presentable.

As the reporter


  • As the reporter, you must be very sensitive about how you look in front of your audience. Stand with confidence and smartness. This can impress the audience giving them a lot of interest from them. See to it that when you speak at them, you talk clearly and as loud as possible. This can caught their attention and can minimize the whispers and noise in the room.
  • Ask questions. Interact with your audience. Reporting does not mean mere reporting itself but communication too. You must be very considerate about whether the audience understands what you are saying or not. Seek for questions once in a while before proceeding to the next topic. On the contrary, you must be perfectly assured that you understand the deepest of your report. Think of the possible questions that can be asked and prepare an answer for that.
  • Do further readings about your topic and the things related to your topic for assurance. Giving additional concepts can make your audience more interested.



  • The most common misconception about reporting is giving the audience handouts of the report. Handouts are rather given after the report. Rationally thinking, there is no sense for you doing a PowerPoint presentation when you already hand the audience a leaflet or copy of your report. This will cause them do their own reading, and the tendency to not follow you as you speak about a certain topic. This can also lessen their interest because they are not anymore excited about the next you are going to say or talk about in front.

Reporting is not a scary thing as a lot of students and workers think of. When you are reporting, you are just actually communicating. It requires confidence to avoid being ridiculous in front. Bear in mind that a good reporter is not laughed at but admired by the audience. So see to it that you yourself really understand the depth of your whole report because your knowledge will become your confidence.

Other key points

key points

When you are not satisfied about the existing templates or the given PowerPoint backgrounds free, you can download online and get what you think is the most effective template for your presentation. There are lots of websites out there that offers a cool templates and background for your presentation.

For more information you want to know and for questions about this article, you can leave comments on this page and we can discuss it here clearly to achieve refinements.






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