We cannot deny the importance of reading and the understanding of those things that we have read. This will help us in everything that we do, especially in school. If we are going to consider the classic scenarios that we would probably experience, one of this would be the time that we cannot understand the things that are being explained by the teacher. The first thing that we can do is ask, the next best thing we can do is to read the text ourselves. By doing this, we won’t have to ask anyone and we would probably have a lot more information than that of what is supposed to be learned.


Improving Reading

Improving the Understanding

Improving the Understanding

When we say reading comprehension, it basically means that we have to improve our understanding. Improving reading comprehension is never hard. It just so happen that it will take time. The time that it will take will allow us to master the idea of comprehension. Mastering this means that we will come to that point when we don’t need to put an effort into reading anymore. We will automatically understand the meaning of the text as if we were born to do exactly just that.

Ways to Improve Comprehension

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The level of understanding will always differ depending on the genre of the thing that we are reading. If we are reading some kind of academic text like a textbook or a thesis then it will be a little bit harder. One reason behind this fact is that there are so many technical terms that are being used and many of us cannot just record the meaning of these words right away. If we are reading a novel then we will be able to understand the meaning of different words just by the use of context clues. This means that we should try to look into the situation and the construction of the sentence in order to understand the meaning. There are several ways in order to improve comprehension and here are some of them.

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  1. Don’t get Distracted – understanding what you read is like meditation; you will never understand anything if there are a lot of things in your mind.  It is best if you are going to practice reading in a quiet place where there are less noise and less distractions. This will help you focus to what you are reading.
  2. Keep notes – reading comprehension strategies will work best if you are reading an academic text. This is because the notes will allow you to filter out the necessary information that is placed inside the text. This will also allow you to identify the logic behind the subject that is being explained.  This includes writing down the things that you might not understand. By doing this you will be able to ask accurately about that certain information. If you are not carrying a dictionary or an app in your phone, you might as well list down the words that you don’t understand. Keep them in your notes for easy reference.
  3. Visualize – this is a technique that can only be done if you have mastered not getting distracted. This is because this technique will require you to create images in your mind which is your personal interpretation of the thing that you are reading. This works best in novels and literary pieces that you might have to read.
  4. Take the Test – there are several reading comprehension worksheet that can be found in the internet. You can use these things in order to practice; as they say, practice makes perfect. These worksheets will also include some kind of text which is supposed to be read. The worksheet and other reading comprehension activities will ask you about the text and you will have to answer it. This is not in any way related to your grades in school; it will just be your personal effort to make the reading more comprehensible. At the end of the day it will also be you who will benefit from it.

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If you do this over and over again you will find it easy to understand anything. You will be able to do a self-study in a very efficient way. This means that you would not have to rely on information that you are getting from unreliable resources. Reading technical materials and literary texts will also be very easy.


If you have any tips that you think will be helpful to readers, please feel free to share it here.


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