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Story Telling Made Digital

Story telling




Each person has a story to tell or an opinion of value on a particular subject. Since virtually everyone is online right now whether on the go, work, play and in homes, to be heard is very possible. It’s no wonder everything is downloadable nowadays, including audio files or simultaneously listening online to a computer or mobile phone. For sure, you can’t miss out almost everyone in the subway or bus is wearing earphones and listening to something in their phones or tabs.

The evolution of portable music device and the latest success of Apple’s iPod, iPhone and other handy media players, starting a podcast are now as easy as following a few steps on the internet. It’s similarly a very profitable way to earn money in the long run (of course add a lot of hard work and patience).

Doing-It-Yourself on How to start a Podcast

Time To Think

You might be thinking what those easy steps to take on how to make a podcast? Before you start setting up your equipment and begin recording. You’ll have to think through these 3 things:

  • Passion

They say it’s the ‘emotion’ which drives a ‘motivation’. Everyone wants to do everything and succeed in it will require hard work. But if you have the passion or strong devotion, you’ve already won half the battle. The passion you’ll discover can serve as your reason or purpose too. Simply ask these questions;

  • What are my interests?
  • What are my hobbies?
  • What do I find myself doing without really thinking?

Once you have found your ‘tennis ball’ (like a dog that won’t stop chasing a tennis ball), read more about it. Most of the things you’ll be passionate about won’t be in work but at home and don’t have a formal learning about it.

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Don’t forget to write them down. Then slowly but surely identify the theme you want your broadcasts will be all about. Take time to put all those thoughts into words for it would be easier when voicing them out. Through passion, there will be more conviction on the stories you have to tell.

A blog is a good way to start expressing those thoughts and asking for people’s comment and opinion. You’ll see if it will catch on to people if you are going to make your recordings into a business.

  • Skills and Experience

You need to know if you have the ability to speak your words. The experience is a plus factor for credibility too. Experience really is a good teacher; but if you got only the chops on writing or have little experience, hire someone professional on how to do a podcast (preferably with background in the past). If you are persistent- practice (or get formal training) and listen to yourself.

  • Budget

The equipment, software and mixers should be considered. You can search online the best quality mixers, microphones and even bundles for a recording kit- no need to crack the bank or other high-end stuff that’s heavy on the pocket. Just choose something for recording basic audio on your computer. Examples are:

  • Blue Microphones’ Four-star Spark Digital for $205
  • Blue Microphones’ Yeti for $150
  • Shure SM58 for $136
  • BSW Solopreneur Podcast Package for $499.95 (Condenser microphone, mixer, portable flash recorder, headphones, pop filter, wires and a microphone stand)

As for the software, try Audacity for beginners, compatible operating systems for any computer for an open-source and recording program.

If you want quality results, invest in this equipment and remember they all come by a price tag.

Making it Big

Here are additional suggestions if you intent to make it big or profitable you’re recording by listing it in the iTunes store.

  • Social Media: they are going to be your partners in this new trade. Use them whenever you’re releasing something new and post them in Twitter, Facebook and posting the links people could click. It’s also a way to gain interest in your brand.
  • Build a Website: it will provide further information and the home of all that you are broadcasting. People could as well post comments, opinions and feedback; a page for audience interaction.


If done with your checklist, go for it!

Last few reminders: Make it content wise. Think also of your audience and the length and style they’re going to listen to. Don’t forget to schedule the consistency of your recordings and their availability for download. It could be once a week or twice a month.

Enjoy and make the best of it!

Did you do the 3 steps? If you have more to add than the three, leave a comment.






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