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It’s tough to come up with passwords if you have multiple accounts. Naturally, you’re afraid to have an easy to guess password, so you’ll think up of a decently long one with numbers and letters thrown into the mix. However, there are some passwords that require only six characters. There are other passwords that require more.




Losing Password

Also, there are accounts that have case-sensitive passwords. The result? You have a string of passwords memorized in your head, but you don’t know which password refers to which account. This is the reason why password managers have been invented. You won’t have to scramble to your text file password cheat sheet to see which account uses which password, such that in case that sheet falls into the wrong hands, they’ll have access to every account you’ve ever taken hold of.

How a Password Manager Works

Working of Password Manager

  • The best free password manager does what it says it does. The service works in such a way that as long as you remember your account, it will automatically remember all the passwords for all your accounts for you. That’s how convenient it is.
  • You’re assured that no other people can get access to the accounts you have on hand, plus you’re only required to safeguard one login to get access to your Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hotmail, and forum login accounts.
  • The best password managers  allow you the chance to make your account login passwords as strong as possible without having to confuse you. More to the point, if your password is too strong to remember (it’s an alphanumeric string shared by multiple accounts, but you don’t know which is which), then that’s okay as long as you had remember that password.
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This way, you’re guaranteed that no one else will have access to your account (since you yourself can barely remember it) while the password manager can still leave that site  accessible to you by logging onto it.

Coming Up with Strong Passwords and Getting Help Accessing Them Easily

Strong Passwords

When making a password, you should avoid easy passwords like six asterisks or “password”. It’s also not clever to use the same username as your password as well. Birthdays are also a no-no. To ensure the security of your password, you should acquire one that doesn’t use dates, phone numbers, pet names, family names, vehicle plate numbers, street address numbers, and so on.

You should also avoid using the same password throughout multiple accounts. Then again, if you have different passwords for different accounts, it’s best that you avail of msecure password manager or the likes of it. Even if you end up using different variations of the same password (one with letters and numbers, one without, one with capital letters, and so forth), you’ll still get to login to them thanks to my1login.

Other Password Tips so You Won’t Be Hacked

hacking precautions

  • One tip you can use to ensure that your account cannot be hacked is to use the plus sign, the tilde, the percent sign, and the underscore to keep those hackers guessing. The extended character will ensure that you password is strong and not easy to get even if you were to attempt to say it aloud.

If special characters aren’t allowed when accessing certain websites, there’s no need to fret; the online form will tell you immediately, and you can still come up with validly strong passwords without those characters.

  • There are also sites that has one of these characters as a requirement, so it’s essential that you acquire password protect folder as your login solution so that even if you have multiple passwords at hand, some with special characters, others lacking such characters, you won’t get confused and lose access to your accounts.

Password Manager

The fact of the matter is that passwords will be different every time, partially for your own protection because the more leeway you’re given when it comes to passwords, the easier you’ll be to hack. Be careful of creating random passwords that you have to memorize via post-it. Rote memorization is never a useful tool in permanently memorizing passwords.

Regardless of your operating system or browser or if you’re using a Mac or a PC, you should be able to use a password manager because it doesn’t need a browser plug-in or local client to work. There are free passwords managers you could try as well.

Do you have scary or interesting passwords stories to tell? Have you been hacked before? Share with us your stories below!






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