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Losing weight is not a just a fad anymore; actually it can now be considered as another culture in the modern world. This is because there are so many people who are into the idea of shaping their bodies for the better. There is nothing wrong about it since they are making a way in order for them to be more efficient in the way they do things, to be a lot healthier aside from the fact that they want to look good.




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The way that this fad affected a lot of people, has actually helped in making a world of healthy individuals who can be a lot more productive compared to most people considering the fact that a significant number of people are obese and there are a lot of diseases that are coming out including ebola.

Fitness in the Modern World

The world of fitness a decade ago can be considered as the classic age of fitness. This is because most of the fitness techniques were developed in this era including the idea of counting the calorie intake. They have used classic techniques of counting the calories.

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This includes having a table with all the food that may be possibly eaten and their calorie contents, which is very inefficient since people will have to go out of their way to check, considering the fact that they also have a lot of responsibilities in all possible directions. The good news is that we don’t live in that era anymore.

Today, we have the tool that we need in order to count the calorie intake. These tools are actually mobile phone applications which are created for both Androids and iOS. This is called my fitness app that will allow you to measure everything from the calorie intake to the fat burning process of the everyday life.

What you need to know about Fitness Apps

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The best fitness apps are always available in android and iOS. You just have to check the site and read the reviews and find out what’s in store. One of the best is the fitness pal app which was first created for iOS then into androids. The only thing you have to do is go to App Store or Play Store and search for the top fitness apps. Download it and install and you are good to go. There are so many reviews that will tell you about the benefits of this app for both the diet side and the exercise side of fitness.

This app has also been awarded by many fitness magazines because of the features of the app and the number of people who actually downloaded and used the app up until this day. Here are some of the reasons why this app was awarded with all those awards.

  • This app can also serve as a social networking app that will work for all the people who are into the idea of fitness. The connectivity option will allow these people to give out suggestions, comments and all the other helpful ideas for the fellow fitness buff.
  • This app has the largest food and calorie database. This means that it can calculate the calorie intake of a person just by entering the type of food that was eaten in a particular time of the day. This information is being logged like a diary and the app will calculate the calorie intake for you. This is very beneficial since it is fast and you can do it anywhere. You can also add some of the food that was bought outside and the app will calculate the calorie for you. This means that you will be able to control the calorie intake everyday just by logging in.
  • There are more than 350 exercises in the app that will tell you what to do and how to do it. With this feature, no one would need a coach anymore. On top of that, this feature will also tell you how many calories can be burned in an hour of a particular type of exercise.

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This will allow you to identify the right exercise that will fit your daily diet and how much time should be spent in doing that particular exercise. This will also track you rough estimated weight and tell you how much weight you have lost. The results are what motivate everyone to do the same thing about their health.

Everything is now easier due to the release of modern technology. It seems that every aspect of human life has been touched and allowed it to grow better. I hope you would leave a comment below this one so I can address some other topics and stuff.






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