5 Steps Guide to Writing Your First Book

Most would think that writing a book is as easy as making a sandwich. Just because you have the talent doesn’t mean that you are very much well equipped to do the challenge. One should know that it can be a terrible thing if you start to write your book. More so, it can also be quite a challenging thing if you would even attempt to start writing your book.


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A lot of writers would usually experience that phase in their career called the “writer’s block”. Why is this happening and why do a lot of writers suffer this condition? Honestly, the very cause of this condition is the lack of heart and the too much pressure or thinking. This can be very much common among writers who consider it to be their way of living already.


Instead of doing that one great book, they are too engrossed with the commercial phase of their career. The publisher might be pressuring him for the book, or the agent might have put the writer in trouble as to getting in a contract that the writer might not be unable to finish on time. These are the common reasons why writing a book can be a very stressful thing.


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