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In the wake of style evolution, there has been an increase in people who experiment joining to different colors together. It is important to note that fashion is an ever revolving door and this remains to be true in these current times. Although all is well and good in utilizing one color for an eyeshadow, there is a need to know that the proper combination of colors can increase facial aura. In learning the best combination of to create a dramatic eye makeup, an increase in one’s appeal is guaranteed.




Read on to know the different eye makeup looks and the best means of applying various colors on the eyelid and other factors to be considered.

  • Skin Tone

Eye Color

Prior to the combination of colors, there is a need to know the different kinds of skin tones. First, there is a need to know what colors are meant for those with pale skin. It is best to use shades of pink, purples, gold, and certain colors of the gray spectrum. On the other hand, women with darker skins are categorized into warm skin tone and cool skin tone. The former needs to choose coral, light brown, soft green, and bronze while the latter is advised to prefer colors such as lilac, teal, and turquoise.

  • Eye Color

Apply Eye Color

Note that there are plenty of options to look into when it comes to eyeshadow colors. For instance, a woman with hazel eyes is advised to prefer purple, brown, and bronze. It is best to avoid blue. Another example is when someone has blue eyes, they are advised to use colors such as turquoise, orange, and dark brown. In totality, there is a need to choose a combination of color that accentuates and brings more life into the eyes.

  • Hair


There are different hair colors and there is a need to compliment them in the application of eyeshadow. For instance, brunettes can basically apply everything they want as the color of their hair is easy to match with. However, the premise does not apply with blondes as they commonly have fair skin. As such, they are advised to utilize pink, blue, green, and gold colors. Given that the hair color can be altered, it is best to choose a color the compliments the hair and the above-mentioned factors as they go hand and hand in the proper combination of colors.

  • Application

Eye shadow

In choosing the brand, try Revlon ColorStay 16 hour Eye Shadow in Sea Mist ($7.49, at drug store). It is best to use know that there are different shades namely the base, medium, and the darker shade of the eyebrow. In attempting to do a combination of colors, it is best to have the above-mentioned factors as a guide. Becca Cosmetics’ Kerry Cole said that in order to make the eyes look bigger and sultry, it is best to have darker outer corners.

How to Apply Blush and Choose a Foundation

apply blush

The right color of blush should be considered as well. If you have a fair skin, pink is a good choice. Berry colors are good to those who have olive-like skin. Browns or beige colors are good for those with darker skin.

Choose the right foundation by taking a sample and rub a small portion on your neckline. Most women test the foundation on the inner portion of their wrists which should not be the case because that area is much lighter than your face and you will only end up buying a foundation that is much lighter than your face. The neckline is the closest shade to your face, making it a good testing area.

More Tips on How to be Beautiful!


Grooming Your Physical Appearance

Your appearance is most important part of the glamour look of the super models. Follow all the personal hygiene rules such as:

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Eye Makeup

  • Take a shower every day at least once before going to bed. Use shower gel,
  • Shampoo your hair and use other beauty products, brush your hair.
  • Brush your teeth at least once after each meal, and use dental floss so no food stays stuck to your teeth.
  • Always use deodorant, so that you don’t smell like sweat.
  • Make sure your clothes are always clean and ironed
  • Make sure your hair always looks great, no messy look.
  • Choose the perfect hair color.
  • Get a workout routine to stay fit.
  • Use perfume

Knowing the right kind of makeup and shades to use is an important factor in order to become fully “made-up”. How about you? Got any make up tips?






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