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Most of the time, airborne divisions are the ones involved in the employment of army paratroopers. These are known to be specialized troops. They are always on the go for meeting high standards which encompass courage, intelligence, physical fitness, and the like. These are all necessary in order to be qualified for the training itself. These are to be remembered by those who want to be a part of Fort Benning Airborne School because they are among the characteristics that aspirants must possess. There will really be a big responsibility placed beyond a person’s belt, but this can also be a good opportunity for many. In order not to go wrong, do not fail to read various airborne reviews.




The Steps to be an Army Paratrooper

Army Paratrooper

In order to be a part of the 101st airborne division, there are simple steps that can be followed. These may be achieved by enrolling in an airborne school. What can be done though?

  • Know the requirements necessary in applying for training in Army Paratrooper. Look at the United States alone. There are minimum requirements set for this. In order to be considered, the applicant must be at least 36, or younger. There is a physical fitness test that has to be surpassed in this. This is one of the minimum requirements. It is also a must to prove that the person does not come with any vision, hearing or mobility impairments.


  • Go for application in Army Paratrooper Training located at Fort Benning, Georgia. The process involved in this will depend upon whether the applicant has served the army. Either way, take a look at these:
    1. Those who have been in the army needs to have an Army Paratrooper training. This will be a part of the terms involved in the enlistment process. This may be observed by just talking to a recruiter.
    2. Finish the basic training for the aforementioned. This might go intense. It would require 9 weeks to be finished. This is the time when basic combat and survival skills are called for. This happens as a person goes for physical and mental training. Both of these ensure physical and psychological strength. The same is also true with the needed stamina.
  • Start the training. Do not oversee the short period of time required for the whole training to be finished. The reality is that this will be intense and structured. It is in its nature. As for the first week, there is a need to pass the physical fitness test. This is necessary prior to the continuing of the whole training.
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The week may be made up of training. The skills that are to be acquired would be set. For instance, there might be a test for parachute jumping or a mock door may also have to be navigated for the practice as well. The same is also true with lateral drift apparatus. Parachute control may also have to be studied. This is needed in order to get used to the idea of parachute jumping.

  • Get Army Paratrooper Wings. When the prior skills have been completed successfully, like that of the qualifying jumps, this is the time when the Army Paratrooper can be given and deployed in order for airborne operations to be assisted. All of these may have to be looked upon before anything else.

Do not forget to realize that once the Paratrooper training has been completed, there is still a need to be a part of the whole unit. This might not require skills for Paratrooping at all. If the mentioned are to be used actively, the learned skills from the training will be very useful. Maybe, it will also work to talk to the commanding officer about this. The transfer of units with the need of Paratroopers may also be explored if there is a need for such.

Airborne School

Becoming a paratrooper is a dream for many. It would be a demanding career for everyone who wants to do something worthwhile for the rest of their lives. Joining the army can be a fruitful experience. Do not forget to start off right by enlisting in the army.

Paratrooper Training

This is an opportunity to learn. There must be a minimum of four years for this. And in order to be qualified, you need to attend important undertakings, if there is a chance to do this. Field tasks are just too important in this and they have to be mastered. These are important for those who want to be a part of the air force.






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