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Parenting Books




Parents are obliged to raise and nurture their children. The fact remains that child rearing is not an easy task. You have to support your children emotionally, physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually from infancy to adulthood. As parents, you must be prepared and in good health and condition so as to raise your children in right manners.

Children are rewards from God. Parents are the ones responsible to promote parental care to their children. In some cases, especially for new parents, they grope in knowing how to take care and nurture their children, but they can always ask help from other people or from some experience parents such as their own parents. They ask advice from them. You can also read some parenting books for additional support.

Healthy Parenting Books and their Wonders

Healthy Parenting Books

Parenting books are very helpful and essential to read. These books discuss parental issues such raising your children, effective disciplining, developing your children, positive parenting solutions such as sleeping habits, tantrums solutions, discipline issues, and even parents involvement in schools, among others.

They are actually wonderful parenting books that are inspiring, touching, and very educational. You may consider purchasing and reading books that are of your utmost concerns for your children.

5 best parenting books that can nurture your children

Among these books that can stop your struggles and help you in rearing your children are the following:

  • Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Peaceful Parents

(How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting)

This parenting book is considered the Best Books and one of the Amazon Editors’ Favorite Books. It is written by Dr. Laura Markham. It conveys messages of fostering your children by having an emotional connection.

With this, there is no need to shout, plead, threaten, punish, or bribe your children. It also helps parents to understand their emotions that would make them ready to teach and discipline their without ever compromising in a bad way. There would be step by step solutions and practical issues settling child’s tantrums, struggles, and transformation.

  • Raising Godly Kids

Kids playing

Raising Godly Kids is authored by the well-known speaker and author Harold J. Sala. He is also known for his lectures and books about family matters. It consists of 52 guidelines for counter-culture parenting. The contents of the book discuss on how to develop your children emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and socially.

Among the topics are “Developing Your Child’s Potential,” “Public School, Christian School or Home School,” “Mistakes Parents Cannot Afford to Make,” “ The Balancing Act of Parenting,” “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World,” “Raising Kids God’s Way,” “When your Child Needs Discipline,” “Talking to Your Kids about Sex,” “Understanding Teenager, and “Ten Commandments for Parents of Teens, “ among others.

  • Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Transforming a parent child relationship from Reaction and Struggle to Freedom, Power, and Joy

Children Freedom

This is another good book and the Amazon Editors’ Favorite Book. It is authored by Naomi Aldort. It garners positive comments from the customers and has almost five star rating. The book features many real life stories about the relationship of parents and children. The audience would burst into tears or laughter while reading the featured stories. It also puts emphasis on connecting to their children with love and authority.

  • Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Mind Making

This book is one of the Top Ten Parenting Books in the market. According to Ellen Galinsky the seven essential skills every child needs are (1) Communicating (2) Focus and Self-Control (3) Making Connections (4) Taking on Challenges (5) Self-Directed, Engaged Learning (6) Perspective Taking and (7) Critical Thinking. This book focuses on developing your children.

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  • Playful Learning: Develop your Child’s sense of Joy and Wonder by Mariah Bruehl

Playful Learning

Playing and enjoyment is very important and essential for children. This develops them socially and intellectually. This book puts emphasis on play and learning that are beneficial for the growth of your children. It also shows the interaction of parents to their children by playing with them from time to time. This strengthens them socially and increases their self-confidence. This book is also one of the top ten parenting books that are available in the market.

There are other good parenting books that you can read. They provide advices in shaping and nurturing your children. You may read the above suggested parenting books and see how these will take effect on you and your children. Certainly, these would stop your struggles on some parenting problems and help you resolve and put remedies on them. Reading these parenting books and applying them will make you live a quality life with your children.

Do you have suggestions about good parenting books? Leave some comments and share your insights.