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Computers are known to be fast performing devices especially when you happen to have the best parts installed in the hardware. Computers are guaranteed to be the best devices that you can ever have. Plus, you can also set it up just like a car or a motorcycle so that it can look and perform better than ever just like your beloved vehicle!




However, there are times where computers are having problem not just because of a virus, but because of a dirty hardware as well. Computers tend to get dirty and dusty on the inside despite of the fans, and just like any vehicle, cleaning it up is a must so that you know the other way on how to make your computer run faster.

When it comes to the best way on how to clean up your computer, you must learn how to be careful in order for you to make your computer perform better than ever. It’s a good thing that we will teach you the best ways on how to clean up your computer in a very safe way because this will never ruin your computer.

cleaning the motherboard

These are very easy steps to do, and for sure you have all the tools that you will need as instructed in this article. Rest assured that this will make your computer perform well once again, plus it will also make your device smooth flowing without the risk of overheating or clogged dust inside the fans. Here are the simple tips in cleaning your computer in a safer way:

First, Hold an Unpainted Steel Surface Before Cleaning and Uninstalling

In order for you to be the one that’s safe, you need to hold a piece of steel surface that’s unpainted. This is needed in order for you to experience no electricity when removing and cleaning up the parts of the computer. This is a basic thing to do especially for those that know how to replace computer parts.

Clean the Surface First

Cleaning laptop

Before you start on the insides, be sure to clean the outsides first. All you need to do is to use a dry cloth, and start wiping all over the computer so that the dust will be removed. Make sure that the cloth is never wet because that can cause damage. You need a feather duster to gently remove the dust on the back part of the processor, and so as the keyboard and the monitor as well.

Remove the Parts

Remove Parts

All you need to remove for this method are usually the exhaust fans, the RAM, and the video card. To remove the fans, just unscrew those parts, and check where the wire is connected, and unplug it. For the RAM, just press the two switches on the side of its cartridge, and gently remove it, and same goes for the video card.

Use a Blower or a vacuum cleaner

Keep clean your laptop

To remove the dust on your computer, and some parts of the exhaust, be sure to use a blower or vacuum cleaner so that the dust will be completely gone. Just be sure to set it at an average level because you might blow off or suck away some of the screws that you loosened as well as other little parts. But damage doesn’t usually happen with these cleaning tools.

“Erase” the Dirt on the RAM


The RAM serves as the memory of you computer so that it can “think” and perform well. One of the leading causes of a slow computer is a dirty RAM. However, the part that connects to the cartridge is sensitive which is why it must never be held on that part. If you want to clean it, use an eraser and gently remove the dirt away, and just blow off some of the eraser.

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After that, install the RAM once again by gently, but firmly placing it back to the cartridge, and use the switch to lock it again. Same goes for the video card slot. In this way, the two will perform once again. By doing this, you’ve finally found one of the best ways on how to make computer run faster.

Cleaning the Exhaust



To perfectly clean everything, the exhaust must be clean as well. Be sure to wipe the blades with a dry cloth, and screw it back on your PC once again. Once that everything has been installed, then that’s the time where you can finally turn on your computer.

Once that it turns on, you will notice that the computer is fast again, and that’s mission complete! If the computer doesn’t work, probably there are some parts that are not installed properly; it’s just a matter of trial and error for every technician in you! If you want to know what makes a computer fast in another way, you can comment us for us to provide it to you!






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