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Individuals with families surely know the idea of having a clean house. However, this is an easier concept to be thought of than done. Many are asking how to keep your house clean in the midst of a busy lifestyle and schedule. With this in mind, who is expected to make the house presentable? There are million things going on around the place at one, this is for certain. It does not even matter whether this is about the kids being sent to school, or a career having to be balanced all at one, or dinner being set-up and made. There are so many responsibilities that at times, spring cleaning checklist is needed.


Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning

What are the ways in order to clean effectively and without any headaches at all? There are simple ways:


  • Go in the kitchen. This is said to be the start. The most crucial thing to remember all the time is that a kitchen is supposed to be a clean one, regardless of anything. There should be maintenance in this juncture. This has to be done in a regular interval of course. For example, the sink is a big one, and then it has to be rinsed well for that matter. Avoid leaving dishes. They are eye sore. Countertops have to be cleared. Make use of the dishwasher very well.


  • Check on the bathroom. For those who are sharing a bathroom with any other person, this can spell D I S A S T E R. This is not merely a nightmare for more complications may be experienced later on. If there is time, well, there should be, do not fail to wipe the sink out. The spots have to be cleared off the mirror. The toilet seat has to be finished too. Scrub the bowl quickly as much as possible. The shower curtain has to be sprayed everyday too. This is the chance for the grime not to build up. At least, it will not be unbearable to somehow move. This is the idea.
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tidy bedroom

  • Hit the entire bedroom. There are tasks in the room that will help the house to be cleaned consistently. This will require a massive amount of sorting. The clothes have to be folded. They have to be placed in the hamper for laundry. It has to be assured that the jewelry is placed the way it should be. It comes with a place where it belongs of course. The bed has to be made. This simple step works in wonders for those who are with a messy and not so organized bedroom. The surface of the night stand table has to be freed from clutter. This can be structured in no time. It would only require time though. Stack the reading books read at night somewhere. Assign a place for it. Please put the mugs and glasses in the dishwasher where they belong. All of these are the start of the clearing.
  • Tidy the living room up. Remember, this is the place where visitors are being entertained. If there are fluff sofa pillows, make sure to deal with them. The same is also true with blankets. Do not forget to fold them. Maybe, they can be thrown back at the sofa if this is possible. There is no longer a need to invest time in the room vacuum. The handheld crumbs have to be grabbed. Do this most especially if there are seen on the rugs or sofa. Make sure to spot stains and fingerprints too. Straightened the magazines up. The same is also true with the books. All of these are seen on the coffee table. Pick the major clutter. Put them out of sight. This is important. Organize the video games if there are any. Make sure that the living room is always ready to entertain and receive visitors. That needs to be the standards of cleaning. It would reflect the personality of the house owner. Do this all the time.

Keeping a house clean is indeed a challenging task. However, this should be a fun activity to do provided that each and every member of the family cooperates in the cleaning process. Make this a time for the family members to bond. Take advantage of this for this can be a bridge in shortening gaps. Do not forget these. Why not assign a day for this? This should not be that difficult to. Set a schedule in order to make the results more consistent. Look for homemade cleaning products! Good luck!






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