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Timing is everything, especially when announcing your pregnancy. It’s not only a life-changing moment for you, but it’s also a life-changing moment for the father. If you’ve been trying to get a baby all this time, then congratulations! It’s the kind of news that the father is looking forward to. Is it more of a surprise pregnancy? Then you might need to walk through eggshells or consider your options before dropping the bomb on a boyfriend or even a casual lover.




When it comes to how to announce pregnancy, it’s all about reading the mood. It’s like romance, there’s a right time for the announcement in order for the listener to be more receptive to the idea. Of course, you can get more creative with it if you’re announcing it to friends and family with the father already in-the-know.

Ways You Can Announce You’re Pregnant

  • Pregnancy Announcing 101:

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is an event that can get you hyped and scared at the same time. This is the first time it’s happening to you and you don’t know what to do. It’s a miracle waiting to happen, and one of the cute ways to announce pregnancy is by being creative about it. Here are a few ideas you can use when announcing your pregnancy whether it came about a month ago by the doctor or just yesterday, through a pregnancy test.

It’s a special event and it’s kind of surreal to think that you have another human being inside of you. You can make your announcement to the new daddy more memorable by making it a night to remember for a good reason rather than a bad one. You can do it by a more serious approach, since this is a serious topic. If you want a no-frills talk with him, sit him down the couch and tell him directly what’s going on.

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  • Romantic Dinner:

Romantic dinner

Have a romantic dinner and drop hints about having a future together. This is easier when you’re already married, but even if you’re not, the mood for romance can lead to a happier, more receptive welcome to the good news. When it comes to creative pregnancy announcements, few things can beat a candlelit dinner, a birthday cake, and the announcement written right on the cake when he asks, “Whose birthday is it? It’s not either of our birthdays today!”

You can also serve “baby food” to give him a hint all throughout the meal, from baby back ribs to baby carrots. Anything else you can order that gives him the hint will do. By the end of it, pour apple juice instead of wine in your glass and present him with a gift like baby shoes before making a toast and announcing your pregnancy to him. That’s certainly going to make it a night to remember for the new daddy.

  • Don’t Be Too Cute When Cluing In The Father:

Pregnant mother and happy father

It might not be the best idea to act like the Riddler when announcing you’re pregnant. Don’t be too creative that it borders on making an abstract painting and him deciphering what you mean. Even if it’s obvious to you that placing a baby bottle, booties, and a large teddy bear at the dinner table that says, “Hi, Daddy!” means you’re pregnant, to him it might mean you’re being cute.

Don’t leave any room for doubt and don’t get angry when he scratches his head at all your clues and gives you a dumbfounded look while mouthing, “Are you mad? Am I in trouble?” at all the hints you’ve given. Tell it to him straight. Once he gets it, you’ll both be celebrating anyway, especially if you’ve been trying so hard to get a baby all this time.

  • Business Trips and Family Announcements:


If the daddy is away on business, which means you can’t tell him right away that the one night you were together a month or two ago has resulted in offspring, then there’s a solution for that. Send him a care package with baby items with it as well as an outright announcement because when everything is said and done, men are a straightforward kind of gender who need to be told straight out what’s going on.

You can even ask him to give the baby his or her name. Once everything is clarified with him, now you two can think up of ways to tell your friends and family the deal when it comes to your pregnancy. As for the creative ways to announce pregnancy to family, you can send photos depicting storks or you baking gingerbread babies in the oven for preparation of an upcoming new member. You can even showcase small shirts or even a cradle for the upcoming little one.






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