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Laundering is time consuming, so washing machines are always present in the homes of Americans. Clothes have different types too, in accordance to the texture or color. So in washing them, it must be properly selected according to their kind.

Different Kinds of Clothes

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There is a thicker type of fabric, smooth, and even the silk colors that can influence how they are washed. This matters in the process of separating clothes before placing it in the washing machine. For the cooler temperate areas, people use thicker clothes so washing has to be thorough. While to the moderate temperature places, people dress not in pieces that are not too thick and not too thin. The place will really matter on how the people dress and the corresponding laundry will also follow.

Manual or Machine Washing?

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So now I want to tackle to you the basic on how to wash clothes with or without washing machines. Let us first start with the washing machine. There are different types of washing machines but all of them have a common feature, and that is the spin speed.

  • My first tip is that before washing the clothes

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Identify its kind, through selecting what clothes you are going to place first, and what to put last, you will save some detergent. The most common is to choose white clothes first before colored ones to avoid staining.

  • If you are done with white clothes


Do not use the used powder in the colored dresses. Why? Because the colored cotton might dull out after washing. To maintain the vibrancy of your colored dress, be sure to follow this.

  • The third tip is to save powder

Be sure to separate the light colors like yellow, light pink, yellow green, and lavender from the strong colors like dark blue, red, maroon, violet. Always wash the lighter colored ones first.

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  • There are clothes that whose colors will also affect others

Be sure to wash these clothes in the last part. The spin speed matters, depending on how thick your clothes are.

How Much Detergent Must Be Used

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Generally, ⅓ cup of detergent should be used for a small load, ⅔ for a medium load, and a whole cup is needed for a large load. But despite this, you should still read the bottle for instructions with regards to how to use your preferred detergent. Take note that some brands of detergents are more concentrated than others, and this means that you will not need to use it as much as others.

Being Efficient

A dryer consumes much more electricity, so if the weather is sunny, it is better to dry your clothes outside. There are a lot of benefits if you do this. First, you will have sanitized clothes because the sun’s heat is a natural sterilizer. It has radiation that kills harmful microorganisms, including bacteria. See how you can benefit a lot in drying your clothes outdoor? Second, this process will also save your electricity.


The tips in washing clothes without the use of the washing machine is similar should be noted down if you want to effectively wash your clothes while maintaining your budget. Buying your own machine for washing is the best solution for this.

If you not a busy person, and if you have lots of time, it is also good to enjoy laundering using both hands. Hand washing will help with scrutinizing the dirt so you can focus on the part of the dress that has a stain. You will be able to clean in thoroughly with the use of bleach, if it is required.

On Using Bleach

There are two different kinds of bleach that you can choose from. The first one is chlorine bleach, and this is good for maintaining and washing white clothes, but should never be used on any colored fabric. The all-fabric bleach, which is the second type can be used on colored fabrics. You should know which one is used for what in order to avoid troubles with washing.

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We have different styles in laundering, some only throw it in washing machines, then in the dryer, and after a minute, it’s done. But if you are conscious in washing your clothes, you must really check the methods of properly doing it, especially in using the laundering machine. You must also read the manual to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the machine. Those tips are just a few of the primary hints on how to wash your clothes. Leave some comments about your best techniques for washing too!






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