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Choosing a career has always been a task we really didn’t want to face back when we should have. When we we’re kids, we always told our parents that we were going to astronauts, cowboys/girls, princesses, doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, and everything in between. The best career for me when I was a kid was to become an ice cream taster—and I still think that’s the best job of all time.




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There are sites who offer a list of careers that seemingly everyone wants but can’t really have. But they also have different opinions on what the best professions are— some are actually good while some are questionable for the majority of us. Offering suggestions such as being a freelance photographer to making your own online retail store just to name a few that are on the list.

Career Choice

It’s a matter of how to choose a career that is suitable to you is one of the biggest problems we ask ourselves. To make things easier, first you should consider what you are interested in. Find similar courses that fall under that interest, such as you are good at drawing, why not become a cartoonist or animator. Then what are the requirements needed to attain the path you have chosen.

Boy thinking about his future career

Choose a job that won’t make you feel like you’re working at all. Knowing your passion and having an interest in it will help you become more productive and won’t drag you down. You’ll never feel like work will be a burden and you don’t have to force yourself into it. Finding the right path will help you a lot in life because you get paid for just being who you are.

Top 5 Best Careers in the Future (According to Statistics)

We can never do away with statistics and graphs showing how we actually depend on the numerical value of an abstract word or verb. But here is the list:

  • Industrial- Organizational Psychologist

Woman by the psychologist

Having a yearly pay of roughly $84,000, this profession requires you to have a Master’s degree in education as well as training. The demand for and I-O psychologists have risen for the past few years and more high end companies are hiring. In case you’re wondering what you do in this job, you study an employee’s work habits and behaviour and then understand the theories behind it. Help to create a better work environment, employee’s well-being, and advocating teamwork.

  • Personal Care Aides


Another term for personal care aide is ‘caregiver’. Minimum requirement for education is elementary, this path helps you gain and estimated $20,000 annually. You work in your client’s home or at hospice facilities and health centres, taking care of them as well as aiding them in their recovery and needs.

  • Home Health Aides

Nurse taking the heartbeat of her patient

This is similar to being a caregiver, and also requires at the least a high school diploma; you have a salary of nearly $21,000 per year. You help the elderly or disabled in bathing, changing, grooming, and personal healthcare of your clients in their home or in a care facility. If you easily get tired or you have a phobia for germs, this career is mostly not the best choice.

  • Insulation Workers, Mechanical

worker measuring cutting tool

As the name states, you apply insulation to pipes, duct works, or mechanical systems to help in keeping the temperature balanced out. Racking in an astonishing pay of $40,000 yearly and requiring an educational background with the minimum of high school graduate.

  • Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and Translators

A bachelor’s degree is needed when applying to be an interpreter or translator. If you are good at languages and has a passion for culture, this is the job for you. This path pays out a whooping annual of $46,000.

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The list above is just a mere suggestion of what your options are. So you must ask yourself, “what is the best career for me?”, if it’s on the list provided or not. It is already cliché to say “follow your dreams” when you really think about it realistically, but there are endless possibilities. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any profession that appeals to you from the list.

Keep in mind that you have to be determined and inspired when you think about what path you should take. Only you have control over what will make you happy and how you can achieve that. Do not put yourself inside a box because you can create your own job if you can’t find them in the classified ads.






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