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College students are the most net-savvy these days. They seem to know a lot of apps that will help them in their education, and they use technology in the best possible way to communicate with their counterparts in different parts of the globe, for their better prospects.

There are many technical gadgets that have been launched in the market, with these college students as the target audience. Tablets are one of them. If you have been thinking of buying laptops for yourself, it is probably because you didn’t know that tablets could be more powerful and useful for you than laptops. Here are three prime reasons as to why you need to choose tablets over laptops.


As a college student, you wouldn’t want to do too much of graphical or technical stuff on your technical gadget. You might do a lot of typing work on MS Office files, and you may use your emails for sending content to your college/friends/peer. For these kinds of jobs, tablets are more than enough. What’s more, they are quite fashionable and portable as well, adding to your style of dressing too.

The battery power is more than reasonable, and hence, you can do a lot of work on your tablets than your laptops. Wouldn’t you love to have a portable gadget that is absolutely sleek and flaunt it among your friends? Tablets are perfect for this. With the launch of some excellent models like A7 Chip from Apple, Snapdragon 800 from Qualcomm and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, college students are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good tablet.

Apart from their attractive features, they come with a broad range of software that favors education and related activities, which help students in the long run. These tablets are coming with lots of advanced features that go beyond just Microsoft Office and related tools. The apps on these tablets are compatible for iOS and Android Platforms as well.

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With the advent of technology, it has now become easy to take excellent quality pictures with your smartphones. You don’t need high-definition cameras for the same. Check out these tips below to know how you can take great pictures.

  1. Candid photos are the best

Candid-photos-are-the-bestPhotography is all about catching emotions at the spur of the moment. This is possible when you take candid shots. Take natural pictures of your subjects, so that you find every single nuance of their expressions. Casual shots like the whole-hearted laugh, baby’s expressions, dad wiping his tear at his daughter’s wedding, etc. are pictures that can give you memories for a lifetime.

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Electronics invaded humanity. This is very evident to every corner of your place. There are a lot of electronic gadgets that made our lives even more enjoying, convenient, and easier. Smartphones, iPods, iPad, and laptops are the most common electronic gadget in the market.

Aside from these, there are new technology gadgets that are yet to be known throughout the world. You might not be even aware that there is something like them. It will absolutely amuse you as you go on and read this article further. This describes the fast-growing modernization and technology of the future.

futuristic man and woman working with gadgets

It is no more a luxury for most people but a necessity. Technology nowadays plays a vital role in the community that gives us much to think about. You are perhaps asking yourself, “What gadget do I need to satisfy my desires?” Well, actually there are several gadgets that can make you fulfilled but maybe you are not aware of its existence yet.

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The Technology Today

Here are some of the cutting edge technologies that you might need to make your life even better:

  • The projector phone

The projector phone is a cellular phone that is starting overrun the market. The special feature of this phone technically is that it has a built in projector in it which enables you to project images, videos, and other stuff into a wall. You can watch a movie like you are in a cinema. Amazing isn’t it?

Projector Phone

You need not to worry about the battery life because Chinavasion, as the maker of this phone, makes use of a special battery to ensure the longer battery life to extend the enjoyment this product can give you. You can also take pictures and videos because this phone has a camera, e-book reader, MP4 and an MP3 player just like the common phones. You can have this phone in hand with the affordable price of $365.

  • The Autoxray EZ-Scan 6000

Autoxray EZ-Scan 6000 is one of the most amazing devices that can surely help you most especially when you don’t have mechanical expertise. Because this device is able to detect the problem in your automobile, you will no longer worry about your trip or when the men in your house is away, you can easily know what is happening to your automobile.

Autoxray EZ-Scan 6000

You may not believe but you are also able to print out reports and information about your car. The price is a little expensive but it can absolutely give you the satisfaction and ease you need.

  • Cellboost

cell boost

Are you worried about your battery life not reaching for tomorrow outside? No more worries now because there a gadget called Cellboost that serves as your power bank. This small device saves power and can give a charge to your phone when you are not home or when the electricity fails to supply. You can have this for a cheap price of only $5.99.

  • Bracelet video player

This is a concept produced by the Chocolate Agency Company.  Technically, this gadget is a bracelet with a built-in media player that allows you to watch videos when you are bored alone or in a long line, and such. It is an e-paper to which you can use as the media player. This e-paper is rolled into your wrist to serve as a watch and can also be unrolled if you want.

One more amazing thing about this gadget is that is does not require any battery. It charges itself using the kinetic energy that is produced by the person who wears it.

bracelet video player

It is really entertaining to know that we are surrounded with a lot of electronic gadgets today. We are able to seize life and enjoy it through them and no one can deny that these gadgets are becoming a necessity as the years pass on and on. The next thing you can do is read reviews about these products and be grateful as you buy one. It’s worth the money!

You can be very excited about what technology in the future is waiting for you and with that being said, be aware and do readings and researches so that you are not left behind the line. As long as you can imagine it, it can always be possible. Always seek for something new and try them out, you will never know your satisfaction if you don’t make a single move. Life is not about sitting alone and doing nothing!

For more information or questions, you are encouraged to leave a comment regarding this article. We can share our thoughts and ideas.

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